>Muzic’s Outting (Jun 29, 2010)


Well Just as the title says

Today I went to a couple places with my dad and got some really … ok well in the world im going in it’s not REALLY expensive.. it’s actually really cheap stuff lol.

After we went to drop off my dad’s boat to get some work done on it, our first place was Guitar Center
Mainly was there to get new headphones for me but got more than that!


And This was the other thing I got besides my new headphones!

Out next stop is Fry’s Electronics

Thats my dad in the green shirt HUR HUR HUR DUUUURRRRR

Me showin off my new Sony MDR-V700 Pro DJ Headphones (LEGIT PEOPLE NOT FAKES)

The Core i7 Display unit….. WAIT! WHAT?! Quake Wars? and failed textures?! Thats some really shitting advertising.. or maybe it does just suck. lol (AMD Fanboi here)

This is my new DJ software controller unboxed!

As you can see my day was pretty cool. >.> Not AWESOME but I did get some awesome stuff.

Will be doing some anime reviews later this week. come back to read!

>A $50 Test Run

> On Jun-29-2010 NISA posted the following:

“It came to our attention that there are some video quality issues with our first anime titles, Toradora! and PERSONA -trinity soul-. We are taking these issues seriously and are currently working on fixing the problems. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused. We will announce our steps to solve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

Not a great start for your venture into anime. I am curious as to how bad these problems are. Perhaps they look as awful as some of Funimation’s old encodes. Either way, seeing as how they had plenty of time to work on these, it will make me think twice and research their future anime products. Hopefully they can figure out what they are doing as time goes on. I’ll keep you updated if any screenshots happen to surface.

>Rainy Day: Episode 1 – Through the Window

>    Well, after working on it for a while and then failing and regaining hope, here it is. My new 4koma, “Rainy Day.” I’ve got about 20 more already planned out to follow this up, but who knows when I’ll get the motivation to do it… Please enjoy and comment!

Click Here For Full Size

    Also, I’ve just realized that this is our 100th post! I’d like to thanks everyone involved in the blog for keeping it alive and allowing me to participate in the fun. Here’s to another 100 posts! 



It’s been 2 weeks since i started the Maria-sama ga Miteru torrent. And after many angry nights and many why the hell is my connection so slow days it has finished. though I’ve seen the first 2 seasons, i still wanted them because i love this anime. though it didn’t get me at first. after about 5 episodes in is when the story caught my interest. Well, anyway i just thought i would let you guys know.

>Soul Eater Finished!~


    We all know I’m horrible with reviews, so I’m not going to waste your time with anything unnecessary. I just finished Soul Eater literally two minutes ago and I was compelled to announce it formally on the blog because of it’s intense awesomeness.

    It balanced the perfect amount of action and comedy wrapped up in an amazing plot topped off with an exciting conclusion. If you haven’t seen the series, I urge you to go and watch it. It’s a great anime and it is not to be missed.

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