>Miku x Teto Crayon T-shirt


    Last night I came across a craft blog and went scrolling through the tutorials on the blog and found a tutorial for making crayon T-shirts. I thought it was a cool idea so I went ahead and tried it today.

   The first thing you have to do is find a picture and print it out so you can trace it onto your shirt. After printing my Miku x Teto image, I taped it to the inside of my shirt and then taped my shirt to a window in my house that had a sufficient amount of sunlight shining through. I then traced the outline and proceeded to color the shirt. Coloring with crayons is tricky and tiring work O_O.

Picture of the shirt; pre-ironing

    After the crayon coloring was done, I took the shirt over to the ironing board, covered the picture with a blank piece of computer paper, and ironed away.

This is what remained on the paper that I used to cover the image while ironing.

   The end result is actually much nicer than I expected it to be. It has the same texture as the shirt, so it doesn’t really feel like you have an image there. It’s a mich nicer feeling compared to the plastic print-out iron-ons you may buy in staples, and it gives you more satisfaction to see something finished that you spent time making.

   My brother and sister also made their own shirts with a Meganium and Arcanine respectively. They finished before I did at about an hour and a half in. I think it took me about two hours to finish my shirt.


>Tondemonai Fansubs Status


    Today I finished the preliminary translation of episode 8 of Animal Detectives Kirumin. Episode 8. The thing is, our last released episode was episode 5 over a month ago. Meh, I’m not complaining… I’m really just angry with myself that I’m so horrible at translating. Our TLC’s are mostly busy with school, and until they have time to do their part, we can’t release. (Also, we used our only Clephas item already T_T)

   So far, my idea to translate at least 5 minutes of an episode a day is working, and I’m quite happy with that. When I’m not translating, I’m listening to this:

>BlazBlue -Continuum Shift- [PS3/360][Review]


I am not a huge fighting game fan, but when I decided to take the plunge and buy Calamity Trigger I was surprised to say the least. Now that Continuum Shift has released I decided that I should probably pick up this one as well. Blazblue -Calamity Trigger- is 1.0, Calamity Trigger Portable was 1.5, but can we say Continuum Shift is 2.0? Will new characters and game modes make you feel that it was worth purchasing a new game or will does it feel like it should have merely been some dlc? Well let’s find out.

Oh and you may have noticed I purchased this on the PS3. You may be asking yourself why, what makes this better on the PS3 over the 360. Well the reason is that I like using the d-pad for fighting games, and the 360’s d-pad is absolutely horrible.


-Menus: The menu is very different from the first game. Rather than having a left and right scrolling menu as we did in the first game, we now have a list style menu. While it is not as decorative as the first, it is sleek and functions a bit better.

-Characters: The same sprites are used during battle so you know they still look gorgeous. Outside of the fight the character portraits have received a rather hefty tweak. I am 50/50 on the new art style. No I am not saying its bad by any stretch, in fact they look amazing. It think the portraits look both better and worse at the same time. The characters now look somewhat younger and it almost feels like they would have been used in the first game rather than in this one. I must say that some characters look much nicer. All in all I still love the character portraits. Atleast they don’t look god awful.

-Gallery: There is a gallery mode placed so you can oggle at pics of Noel and Rachel.

-Replay Theater: Yes you can actually save videos of matches you played against the computer or people online. This is a feature I can really appreciate.


-Fighting Mechanics: The same fighting that made us fall in love with the first game is still present, it has just been tweaked. The characters have undergone some rebalancing and there are some new ways to fight. There are now different “difficulties” such as beginner, which always you to basically mash one button to pull off combos. I’ll stick with the classic mode.


-Story: Yep you guessed it, this is the mode where you get to enjoy the story. But this is a fighting game right, the story can’t be great! Well you are wrong! In fact, compared to it’s predecessor, the story is much more robust and fulfilling. This is not your typical “Who are you?” “Let’s Fight” story line. There is actually plot, crazy I know.

-Training: Self Explanatory

-Arcade: Still the same ole same, fight your way through several characters to win arcade mode. This should be self explanatory but I explained it for the people who are not well versed in the fighting genre.

-Legion: First introduced in Portable, Legion mode sets you on a point to point map. Each of these points have various numbers of characters that you have to fight. After you defeat enemies at said points, you may select one of the characters to add to your legion of characters in order to help you fight more. This is a good thing since after each fight your characters HP does not replenish. A nice, fun, and unique game mode to play.

-Challenge: Complete special tasks and for the different characters in order to complete missions. These are decently fun, I am not personally a fan of these things, but for those who do you will enjoy it.
Versus: Standard 1P vs Comp or 1P vs 2P

-Score Attack: Fight in order to rack up a high score and upload the score to leaderboards.

-Network: Play online

-Tutorial: Learn the basics.


-Music: The music featured in this game, is fantastic. Theme song is pretty awesome, and can be played duing fights.

-Voice Acting: The voices are the same as before, and they are still great.

Overview: With the addition of a new and robust story, game modes such as Legion finally coming to a console version of this game, and new characters, I can say that this does indeed feel like a solid sequel. This is 2.0 and not 1.6.

Overall: 9/10 Amazing. If You are a fan of fighting games, you need to have this one in your collection. If you are a fan of BlazBlue then you really need to have this, they have built upon what made the first one good but made it even better.

>Tondemonai Fansubs Revival


    Today I posted a very long and awesome post on the Tondemonai thread over at Baka-Wolf. Tondemonai Fansubs has been taking it easy lately and I’m trying to change that. I set my self a schedule that has me translating at least 5 minutes of anime per day in an attempt to keep myself perpetually active.

    And to make it more fun, I gave SealedTime permission to ban me from Baka-Wolf for an undisclosed amount of time if I fail to translate on any given day. I can sense that Tonde Subs is in for a grand Revival. Thanks for the encouragement everybody! Be sure to stop by the Tonde Subs website and check out our extensive list of quality improving releases! 😀

>Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) Ep #60 Thoughts


I had recently aquired  the second half of the series Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha). I originally began watching the show on the Funimation Channel block on Colours TV on Dish Network around 3-5 years ago (I forget exactly but it was somewhere in that time frame). I instantly fell in love with it, so I bought the boxsets, and even the babbit boxset. Unfortunately Funimation only licensed episodes 1-52 so I would never get to see the second half of the series. Anywhoo as I said I am currently watching  episodes 53-102, and I just wanted to give my thoughts on a certain episode, to be more specific, episode 60.

There are times when watching an anime that you go “Ah so this is why I fell in love with this series!” This episode was one of those moments. I can’t believe how moving this episode is, how amazing this episode is, how brilliant this episode is. I instantly fell in love with the series all over again. Seriously.

This is one of those shows that is a 10/10 for me, and is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time.

Funimation, get your head out of your ass and license the second half already. If you have money to piss away on Dance in the Vampire Bund (a shit show btw)  then you can atleast have the decency to get the other 52 episodes of this series. I would love to see Laura Bailey play Sana once again, but even if you just released it subtitled, I, as well as other fans, would buy the dvd’s in a heartbeat.

>Black Rock Shooter OVA


So I just watched Black Rock Shooter.

Well it wasn’t really what I was expecting. From the preview I was expecting a bit more.. Experimental animation, and a larger focus on Black Rock Shooter. I was expecting something visually similar to Windy Tales, though not quite as extreme.

I can’t say I enjoyed the school life segments really at all. Between the hum-drum chatter, the bland and tasteless CG backgrounds, or the general emphasis on the “we’re BFFs” scenario, I did not enjoy it. I managed to keep myself awake during it, but other than observing the animation, not much was keeping me from turning it off. Luckily though it would cut away to the dark moments before my brain was completely gone. I did somewhat enjoy the animation in the school life parts. The sporadic, choppy movements and none-fluid waves of the hair. It was really appealing to me. But that was about it. The school life segments reminded me a lot of Ga-Rei: Zero, just the two teenage girls who are best friends and will (judging by the opening and the cut scenes) eventually fight each other aspect of it.

My favorite thing about this OVA was without a doubt the smoke cloud animations. I absolutely loved the way they flowed. It seemed distinctly different at two parts, though I wouldn’t be able to really say why. But at one part the smoke clouds seemed super TTGL. Their formation just screamed TTGL to me. Seeing those animations made me feel like this was worth watching. Actually I just got strong TTGL vibes from most of the dark scenes in general. And not just the fact that she was in short shorts with a bikini top, firing a gun (though I’m sure those aspects helped). But just the way she was fighting seemed very Yoko to me. And considering the amount of animators who also worked on TTGL, its understandable I guess.

The animation director was Yuusuke Matsuo, who was also an animation director for Kannagi, and did key animation on Shoka, Sora no Woto, Haruhi, and Kanon (and other stuff).

I got super strong K-ON vibes from a lot of the school life segments. The way the girl would bounce around, and present herself, it reminded me an incredible amount of Yui. So watching it I was positive it had some K-ON artist animating it or doing storyboards or something. And sure enough, looking at the credits there is an Atsushi Saito, who did a lot of work on K-ON (Including the OP). They’ve also done work on Sora no Woto. And actually, there is a very large amount of animators on this who worked on Sora no Woto, and thinking about it it really does have more a Sora no Woto feel than a K-ON feel, but both are apparent. Actually, K-ON, Sora no Woto, Haruhi and a lot of other KyoAni works are shared between a lot of these animators.

Overall I didn’t really mind it. I think I’m definitely compromising a lot when I say it’s worth watching, and I’m not sure it’d be worse if they cut out the school life segments, but still it was decent. I’m looking forward to the sequel they set up.

>Couple Animated Shorts


So the power went out here yesterday. It sucked. Not because of the lack of lighting/having to use flashlights for everything, or because the food in the freezer might get spoiled, or because there was no AC.. But it sucked cause I couldn’t get on my computer. So for entertainment we ended up playing boardgames by candlelight.

I don’t know what else to post about so I’m just gonna post some cool videos. I don’t think I posted this one last time I posted videos, so I’ll start with it. it’s titled ここにいる.. I think. It’s made by Madbox, which is apparently a sub-sect of Madhouse. I wish I could read the names at the end, so I could look them up and see what else they’ve worked on.. But yeah, I thought that was a pretty cool short video.

Next is this awesome video by Inumaroboyu, and this video blows my mind. I love it. Also go to the dudes channel and watch all of his other videos, because there’s a lot of other cool ones.

And third, here’s a French short titled Le Papillon. I thought this thing was pretty awesome and worth watching.

also I’m gonna be at Otakon this coming weekend. So hopefully that’s cool.

As far as what I’m watching this season… I’m not watching anything, and probably won’t be starting anything. I’m definitely interested in a few titles, but I just don’t have time to watch a lot of anime right now :\.