>Atv-Oni-Ota’s Super Fun Help Center! – Request 1


    Alright. Here’s the deal. This time I need the help of anyone who is a well versed Japanese to English translator.

    Normally, I would never take such drastic measures for translation help but our situation constitutes the help of a Super Fun Help Center! Post. Our fansub group, Tondemonai Subs, is currently primarily translating a cute series called Animal Detectives Kirumin Zoo. Our last release was over 2 months ago. In order to release episode 6, all we need to do is translate just one more line. Granted, it’s most likely a throw away line, but we’re all perfectionists over at Tonde Subs.

   Anyway, if anyone has a clue as to what this line means and can take a stab at translating it, it would be very helpful. If you do come up with anything, just leave a comment and you shall be paid in chopped onions. Here are your supplies:

    Kono oubon no oshiozo wa katsu te kono kamihama wo samete ita gozoku ga tomosama yoi ~~~


    The mayor of the town (Kamihamashi) and some old guy are unveiling a giant bronze(?) statue of a bull/bison type statue at a festival.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! And hopefully we’ll be able to release episode 6 soon! Also, if anyone with full translating knowledge from Japanese to English wants to join Tonde as a new Translation Checker, your help is greatly needed and it’ll help us release much faster. Go to this thread and make a post or send Bluewolf963 a message at our website. Thanks!

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