>Happy Halloween!!


    From everyone here at Atv-Oni-Ota, have a nice Halloween.


>New Stuff From the MUZ


Well I have finally had some money to go blow on some stuff I wanted and also I get a free $100 from chase if I make 5 purchases withing 30days of opening an account with them.. and thats what I did.

Things I got:
1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (PS3)
2. Speed Grapher Directors Cut Box Set
3. Some music for djing
4. >.>    <.< some *Ahem* personal stuff I shall not post
5. My dad got me an awesome new camera
6. Volumes 1 and 4 of Confidential Confessions.
7. Purchasing new power/reset button for PS2Slim >.> I accidentally messed it up some while modding…
8. Also a ton of hentai while I was at the con $1 per dvd… SUPER CHEAP BOXSET HENTAI

Things I have been up to:
As you all know I went to Saboten Con at the beginning of October and Im sorry to say that 98% of the pictures I took… ARE TOTAL GARBAGE. Waaaayyyyy too blurry.. moreso on my phone and the camera I had at the time also wasnt great at all.

I recently did the FreeMCBoot softmod to my PS2 and works wonderfully to play “BACKUP” copies of my games… *ahem*… yeah >.>

Also I got back into the infamous World of Warcraft and leveling my rogue for the expansion coming this December and also will be getting it thanks to my mom.(Xmas gift to me)

>Tantei Opera: Milky Holmes PSP


    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is getting a PSP release. It will be an adventure game, which I’m guessing means a visual novel. It’s scheduled for a mid December release. The game’s homepage is here. Visit the Play Asia page here. Well, no matter what kind of game it is, if it’s fully voiced odds are high that I’ll buy this because of the cute art. More updates to follow as I track down more information.

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 01


    The first episode of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes delivers a healthy dose of unexpected loli goodness.

    I downloaded Tantei Opera Milky Holmes after yesterday not expecting much and without knowing anything about it. I thought it was going to be more of a shoujo title than it is. It is a very cute show, but I think it’s geared slightly more toward people who love lolis.

    The four main girls in the show form a detective group called “Milky Holmes.” This name is very suggestive, and I’m not complaining. Anyway, the job of detectives is to stop the criminals who run through the city. Most of the people of Yokohama possess “Toys.” Toys are supernatural powers that one obtains at birth. For example, Sheryl has a sort of telekinesis.

First episode Impressions
      In this episode, we are introduced to the four main girls, Sheryl, Nero, Elly, and Cordelia (All of these names are shortened names of what I think are mostly famous detective names. E.G. Sheryl = Sherlock). The girls are part of a group named Milky Holmes and were all trained by a legendary detective. In the beginning of the episode, the girls were busy chasing a group of baddies, so you jump right into the action.  However, right in the middle of the battle, lightning strikes and the girls lose their Toys. Now powerless, the girls are stripped of their special privileges at school and are given only 3 months to prove that they are still worthy to live the luxurious lives they have been living. The music is nice and the girls are super cute and have really different and kawaii personalities. This episode is full of lots of cute scenes in this episode.

During one of the classes, I spotted what seems to be a Strike Witches cameo.

Opening and Ending

The opening if full of undeniable loli cuteness.

In the ending, the first thing that gets your attention is the mizugi clad lolis. Lovely.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how this show moves along. Sheryl is super cute and I love her hair. Those giant loops are awesome. I want more loli action and I want to see more cuteness. I need the cuteness.