>Atv X Oni Showdown!!

>    Welcome everyone to the very first Atv X Oni Showdown!! Let me explain the rules. Quite simply, this is a drawing session between Atvrcr and I with a common theme to link both drawings. Step 1 – Before we start drawing, we each throw out keywords that must be included in the drawing. Step 2 – We establish a set time limit to ensure a fair showdown. Step 3 – We draw in an epic battle of wits, stamina, and genius.

    This is the very first time we’ve done this, and we’ve yet to establish much besides the rules I’ve just described. I actually found it to be quite exhilarating toward the end when I was running out of time to finish. Anyway, here’s the down low.

Atv X Oni Showdown!!
Time Limit: 1 hour
Keywords: Nekomimi, Ribbon, Stockings, Tie

7 thoughts on “>Atv X Oni Showdown!!”

  1. >oh no what happened to atvs image D:!man that is a cool idea. maybe I should get in on the next one.. Though I'd want to polish up my drawing a bit beforehand.. maybe i'll get in on the 5th one….

  2. >You need to sell yourself out, and advertise this event. You never know, people might come here sending in their drawings and such.I reserve the right and position to create the punishment game for the losing contestant.

  3. >Panda I agree 100% with you about the feet. Feet have never been easy for me to draw. And then add to that the time limit, i kinda just threw them in there. But I know something like that can ruin an entire drawing. I am planning on fixing the image up and coloring it as well. The feet you drew look much better.

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