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>Anime in 3D!


Well, not really. We just bought a new 3D television for the superbowl and I thought I’d test out what it could do. Right now, through the blu-ray player, I’m able to get avi, wma, and mkv to play. I also tested mp4 but it said it didn’t support that. Isn’t that weird? To be able to support mkv and not mp4… Whatever. Of course, there’s no subtitle support, so unless the subs are burned in then it’s pretty much useless.

I also tried putting the TV in 3D mode. What happens is, somehow the TV makes whatever you’re watching into 3D. It’s a really crappy 3D, like it just adds the slightest illusion of depth, but it is pretty cool. Not recommended for long periods of watching anime because it’s just not worth it… I tried taking a picture, but it came out like crap, sadly. Hopefully one day anime will be broadcast in 3D.