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>Tondemonai Fansubs: Lotte no Omocha 03


I worked my butt off to do these subs. Be supportive and download it! It’ll make me feel better. T__T Shiku shiku shuki~


>Muzic’s Thoughts on Yumekui Merry


I like a good anime series like the next guy and I happen to like ones that bring new ideas to the table or to take old ideas and make them FAR BETTER than the others. This one happens to take the idea of characters in dreams to come into reality and thus causes a bit of a mass mayhem in all sorts of ways. (No not in making random shit appear or flying around).

This story is based around 2 characters and more come barreling through like there’s no tomorrow but that would leave this open to spoilers like you couldn’t believe since how short this was (12episodes) and how packed it was full of story. But we have the main guy/leader,  Yumeji Fujiwara, who is just an average highschooler but wait! He has a special ability tossed in right away with no clue as to why in the world he has it, but it is to somewhat predict the dreams of other people but the colors he sees in the….. odd.. And the other is Merry Nightmare which then shortly drops Nightmare and just goes by Merry for the rest of the series… FINE DONT HAVE A LAST NAME THEN. As you can probably guess by before as I was mentioning is that Merry is the dream character (OH WHO WOULDNT HAVE GUESSED BY THE NAME NIGHTMARE). But she got to reality on accident and tries to get back  but cant.

Now this is all fine and dandy but I found the series to be lacking in only 12 episodes and the introduction of characters that you see once….. ok maybe twice the whole time and just gets ignored at the end of the series! (Season2 anyone) But you cant just leave it open like in Half Life 2 Episode 2 when you are captured and BAM you get smacked in the face with ending credits and you only feel compelled to sit there and watch through it to see if MAYBE THERES MORE but then slams you with the menu screen and no word as to when the next episode is coming out for several years…….

When I was watching this series I also felt that at times I wanted to call out several different anime styles that were in the series and being how lazy I am I didn’t take the liberty of looking into seeing what studio made this work of interesting pile of something (not crap or trash) but a part of me yells “ARE THESE THE SAME GUYS THAT DID INDEX?” But there were other times that made me say noooo it’s not. Dont get me wrong but the art style was good and had a bit of a consistent flow….Wait… Did merry just jump into the room with some strange pose for no reason? COME ON! Merry moves about in a very interesting manner and seems to also defy the laws of…. science I guess… by appearing where ever she wants. Now if I was Yumeji I would have probably crapped my pants and said “WHERE WERE YOU?!?!” I guess she’s just a professional stalker who can appear on the other side of town and appear next to him in a blink of an eye at times….Probably so according to the last couple of episodes.

Now I know that this has been long winded and like a few walls but overall I have to say I give this 7/10, all depends on if the decide to make a 2nd season.

Expect me to give my thoughts on the reair of Haruhi (Yes Im still catching up)

>Worst Case Scenario – Infinite Stratos


(Scene taken from the opening sequence)

Worst case scenario, Ichika’s IS doesn’t respond for some reason (be it zero shield energy or some other technical problem) and Ichika plummets into the ocean and breaks every bone in his body, or worse, he gets expelled from the school for jumping from cliffs. Really, how does an IS fit inside of a bracelet? Maybe they use teleportation technology to pull their IS’s out of alternate dimensions. Any way you look at it, it doesn’t seem to be a very good idea to go jumping off of cliffs assuming that your IS will pop up. As soon as we see an instance in the anime of someone’s IS not responding, my point will have been proven.