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>Ashita no Familia Chapter 1 Released


Yay! After a few weeks of hard work, I have finally finished translating chapter 1 of Ashita no Familia. Ashita no Familia is a manga about a boy named Ashita who has lost his parents in an accident two years ago. Because of their death, Ashita takes over the business of managing the family hotel. Just when Ashita figures it’s time to allow guests to start re-applying to stay at the hotel, Noi, a vampire turns Ashita’s whole world upside down.

   Ashita no Familia looked like something fun to translate, so I went ahead with it, Spornax taught me a lot about scanlating, and I did my best so that I could show him how much I’ve learned.

    I’d like to continue translating this manga, however I am unable to find any more scanned chapters. So if anyone has the manga or knows where scans of it can be found, I’d love to know.

   Well anyway, after 3 days of trying to upload the manga to mangafox, they have finally added the manga to the website. Now I just have to get the chapter that I uploaded to be checked by a moderator and I’ll be able to post a link to it on this post, so check back later. For now, all I have for you is a media fire link.

Ashita no Familia Chapter 1 Download

UPDATE: The promised link to Ashita no Familia at Manga Fox!

Check it out and give me some comments about how you think I can improve or how you think I did. Thanks!