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>Atv X Oni Showdown!!

>    Welcome everyone to the very first Atv X Oni Showdown!! Let me explain the rules. Quite simply, this is a drawing session between Atvrcr and I with a common theme to link both drawings. Step 1 – Before we start drawing, we each throw out keywords that must be included in the drawing. Step 2 – We establish a set time limit to ensure a fair showdown. Step 3 – We draw in an epic battle of wits, stamina, and genius.

    This is the very first time we’ve done this, and we’ve yet to establish much besides the rules I’ve just described. I actually found it to be quite exhilarating toward the end when I was running out of time to finish. Anyway, here’s the down low.

Atv X Oni Showdown!!
Time Limit: 1 hour
Keywords: Nekomimi, Ribbon, Stockings, Tie

>Atvrcr’s Gallery 01

>Yes I ripped this idea off from Onion. Yes I don’t have any real skill. Yes there are some huge gaps in between pics. Yes I said I’d put these up a long time ago, and Yes you have to deal with it. No these are not scanned. Yes these are taken with my phone. Yes once again you have to deal with it.

I think this Taiga turned out somewhat decent. I’ll let you be the judge.

 Original Character. I wanted to try drawing a girl in a swimsuit, I really have a hard time drawing oppai. The hands were never finished but oh well, I got lazy.

This pic of Kirino looked good at the time, but now I have a very meh feeling towards it.

I drew this pic of Stocking before the show was out, but even still I liked her character design.

 Another random original character. It’s an over generic looking character though >.>

Started drawing Shana, got pissed off, got bored, then quit. Yay.

 Onion sent me a pic, I looked at the character and was inspired. This is a result of one too many drinks mixed with some inspiration.

I have no idea what the hell this was. I just started drawing and that was the end of that.

Hope you enjoyed somewhat. I’ll  probably do this again in the future but who knows.