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>Onion’s Atumn Anime Lineup


    This is a list of the anime I’ll be watching for this Autumn Anime Season. It took me a while to post this because I wanted to watch at least the 1st episode of all potential shows. The list is presented in order of preference, which you can think of like this: If I was stuck on an island and could only have one anime, I’d pick in order from 1 – 7. So, #1 is the anime which I’m most looking forward to watching every week. Also included in the bottom is my favorite opening and ending out of these anime. Keep in mind that there may be spoilers.

1. MM!

     I found MM! to be hilarious. The girl characters were cute and both of the guy characters were funny. I enjoy seeing shows that have fresh character types. I mean, I’ve never seen a masochist as a main character before, and that’s a good thing. Also, a show with a trap reveal in the first episode can only get funnier. I love how Tatsukichi keeps his shirt unbuttoned, and I knew right as I saw that that he’d be an awesome character.

2. Bakuman

      A great start to what will hopefully be a great story. I know I can relate to Mashiro because I also feel like my future is being decided for me. Akito has awesome hair and a cool personality and his reference to Death Note made me lol.

3. To Aru Majutsu noo Index II

     Loved the first season, and loved Index. I look forward to more Imagine Breaker action and Index cuteness.

4. Shinryaku! Ika Musume 

     A hilarious first episode. Ika Musume has some amazingly awesome tentacle powers. Some of the things that I enjoyed most are the things that are probably most difficult to express in subtitles. For example, when the kid brother was trying to copy Ika Musume, he started adding “de gesu” and “ika” to all of his sentences. I look forward to more.

5.  Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

     As Atvrcr had said in his previous post, Panty and Stocking does have a Powerpuff Girls feel to it. The story is set in a town, and it is attacked by various evil things and the girls have to destroy said things to get coins or something xD. Anyway, I really loved it. One thing I especially enjoyed was hearing them use English curse words; it never gets old. Other things I liked include the amount of Panty sex, the transformation of underwear into weapons, and Stocking’s awesome hair. The music in this show is really fitting and I feel like it sets the mood perfectly. Also, I wanted to mention how cool I thought it was that the girls were animated in a more anime style during their transformation scene.

 6. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

     It’s a good show, and Kirino is quite cute, but she’s a bit too real for me. She’s trying to break my paradigm of the perfect imouto with her mean attitude to her brother. However, I guess this was done on purpose to make more of a distinction between the main characters who consider themselves 3D and the ero games they play which they consider 2D.

7. Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

     The first thing I want to say about this show is that Hotori’s VA, Omigawa Chiaki, does such an appealing voice. It makes Hotori’s cuteness rise exponentially when I hear it. All in all, this is quite an odd show. They say that the store owner is a woman, but is she really? And why in the world did the creator make that one girl so horribly… different? But, the next episode promises sexual harassment, so I can’t help but anticipate it. It’s a funny show, and it has an awesome ending.

Favorite Opening:

Favorite Ending:
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

*One final note: I excluded Sora no Otoshimono completely from the list because I knew that if I included it, it would take over…