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>Onion Who?!


    This is another game I found in my pile of stuff near my drawing desk. I named it Onion Who?! And as you can see, it is very similar to the game Guess Who however, with anime characters. This is probably the easiest game to make and I thought I’d give a quick tutorial on how to make your own.

   Step 1
To actually make the game, you will need pictures. And, as a bonus, the pictures on My Anime List are actually the perfect shape and size for what we’re doing. So go to My Anime List, and grab some pictures. You’ll need 35 exactly. Make sure that when you are saving the files, save them as the name of the character because the names will print out next to the pictures. Here is an example of what the picture’s size should pretty much be. Example.

   Step 2
Once you have all of the pictures named, saved with their names, and in a folder, you need to select all 35 and right click and go to print. Oh yes, this is on a pc by the way. I don’t know how this would work on a mac. Now this certainly applies to my Windows Vista laptop, but I’m not sure if it will work for everyone. Once you click print, scroll down to “contact sheet.” Print up to 4 sheets right now depending on how many people you may play with. Of course, you need at least 2.

   Step 3
Now you need to print the cards that you will pick which decide which character is your in a certain play through. Once again go to print and this time select “wallet.” Selecting this will print 9 cards per sheet. Cut out the cards and shuffle them into a nice pile.

   Step 4
The last things you’ll need are a few folders or pieces of folded paper to block other players’ view of your board, and some kind of chips of pieces of paper to mark off the guesses on your board. For myself, I went and bought a bag of those beads that are meant to go into flower vases for like $3.00.

    Step 5
Play! I really don’t want to go too in-depth here with rules, because I’m sure most people know how to play guess who. Anyway, let’s go through a game with 2 players. The game starts with both players picking a character card from the deck of cards you shuffled previously. Each player will try and guess the other player’s character. Each player takes turns guessing what features the other player’s character may have. For example: Player 1 asks player 2 if his character has blonde hair. Player 2 says No. This means that all characters on player 1’s board with blonde hair can be marked off, thus eliminating the possibilities that player 2’s character can be. Once you have all characters but one marked off, you can make your guess. Of course, you can amke your guess before that, but a wrong guess results in immediate loss.

I hope someone out there actually gives this a try. It’s pretty fun to have a game with the characters of your choice in it. Have fun!