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>Chuck Season 3 Bluray! Go Buy it!


Good ol Chuck once again graces us on Bluray. For those of you who are fortunate enough to know about this hidden gem, then you know it is quite literally the best show on tv right now. 

This is the 3rd season and by this time many shows become stale and stagnant. Fortunately for us the writers for this show decided to take a huge risk and change stuff up. Here is the thing, when a show first starts out it either creates fans or haters. For those that love the show, they keep watching. Well when a show continues using the same formula it has it can easily lose peoples attention, on the other hand if they decide to create certain twists or change up the game all together the show runs the risk of alienating the core audience.
Luckily for us this did not happen, they changed the dynamic of the show in the 3rd season and it made it even greater. 

This Bluray has all 19 episodes on 4 discs and is worth every penny. If you are a fan of this show BUY THIS!! If you are not a fan, GO BUY SEASON 1 on Bluray and then buy season 2 and then buy season 3!!!!

>Best News I’ve Heard All Year

>Huzzah, it’s not going to be an awful “chuck me” feeling during summer. Chuck (the fucking amazing show on NBC) has been renewed for a 4th season. This is probably thanks to Heroes getting the axe. Heroes was good, than decent, then shit, and then even more shit. Sayonara, Heroes, Hurray for Chuck!!! Time to go to Subway and thank them for sponsoring the best show on tv by buying a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong xD