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>Dub Review #01: Clannad


As you all may know, I am not a huge dub fan. There are a few shows I actually prefer the dub and others I think are just watchable. Most of the time, however, I cannot stand them.  Anyways, starting today I think I would like to occasionally write reviews on various dubs. I am one of those people who will always watch atleast 1 or 2 episodes of a dub when I get a dvd.  Lets get on with this thing then.

My first one will be:  Clannad

Okazaki voice is alright, it sounds a bit too deep at times but other times it sounds somewhat fitting.  The monologues sounded bland although.

Sunohara sounds like a little bitch nuff said.

Ryou actually sounded decent in my books

Kyou was completely ruined. Way too deep of a voice, she sounds like a woman in her 30’s rather then a student in high school. 

Nagisa, hmm how to put it, I don’t particularly hate her voice but it feels “off” nonetheless.

Tomoyo actually sits well with me.

Sanae just may be my favorite out of the voices.  As fitting as you can get for a dub.

Akio’s voice bugged the hell out of me.

Kotomi has lost her charm T-T  KOTOMI!!!!!!!  WHY!!!!!!!

Fuko, hmmm I am on the fence with her voice. It’s not exactly great compared to the original Japanese track but there is a certain appeal when dealing with Hilary Haag. What I am saying is that it both works and doesn’t at the same time. Not bad, not spectacular.

Misae has a good voice in the dub, I say job well done.

Yusuke’s voice was garbage in my opinion ~_~

Mei was bad, just bad, I couldn’t stand her voice

Ok now that I’ve covered a majority of the characters I can give my thoughts on it.

I had mixed feelings about it to be honest, while there are some very unfitting voices, there are some solid ones as well. Overall I think this is decently watchable in its dub version, although you may be disappointed with some of the characters. It took me about 6 episodes to be able to get used to the voices.

Verdict: C+  Watchable/Passable