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>[Help] Atv is Going to Build a Computer

>Once again I need to build a computer, and that means that I also once again need your help. I don’t know all the things about building my own computer so I will tell you what I want out of it, and hopefully you guys can give me a nice idea of the stuff I should buy. I have a list of what I want out of it

I am getting an AMD Phenom II x6 1090T or 1100T (3.2ghz) So that should help you when helping me pick a motherboard

I want this computer to be for gaming. When I say gaming I mean something I can have the settings on 1080p with the graphics turned up ( or 720p with maxed out settings). They don’t have to be all the way up but I want them to look pretty. In other words I want to have most of the settings of a game on high.

Like I said before, I need a good video card or multiple if that’s what I would need, but I do also need an HDMI out

The price range is somewhere between 800-1300 USD. This doesn’t mean you have to pick things until the price is maxed out but it also doesn’t mean you have to pick the bare minimum either. I am somewhat flexible on the price as well.

I want this to at least be able play upcoming games such as Battlefield 3, and future games as well. Aka I don’t want this to already be outdated when I buy it.

I want to be able to upgrade this in the future.

I am probably looking for around 8GB RAM (expandable to 16) , 1TB HDD, and around 6- 8 USB ports.

Sorry if this stuff sounds demanding, I just have an idea of what I want but don’t know how to build it myself.

I need to know everything from Power Supplies to Heatsinks

Here’s what I would like you to do: Give me a list of stuff that you would recommend and would suit my needs. While you’re at it, show me what you would build if you could build whatever as well.