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So, just got back from AnimeUSA, a DMV area Japanophilia convention. It was a fun weekend. So this guy I know from a forum got to do a panel, and the panel was “How not to be a weeaboo.” His panel was exactly as awesome as I expected it to be. Anyone going to a con in the future where he is doing the panel should definitely go to it. Though, I didn’t get to derail the panel discussion as much as I wanted to into my own topic and ideology regarding the term “anime” and the gross generalization of “otaku/anime fandom” in general.. I mean, since I knew the dude who was running it I thought it would’ve been cool to derail it orz. But I did get to sit next to/talk to this super cute little chick during the panel. She must’ve just been like 15 though :\.

Also got to dance with some chicks at the formal ball. I put on my Lupin III (green jacket) suit for it. Gave one chick my number but I never heard back from her :(. Also got to dance with this super cute chick, but she seemed really shy and didn’t talk much :\

I also did a lot of talking to people in general. Just about their favorite titles or last-seen shows or whatnot (taking the advice of Mike Toole). Only about half the time though did they turn the discussion back on me and ask my favorites. So I did get to drop Studio 4°C about 10 times, which is always cool. But man, you always blank on the obvious titles when you’re in discussion with people on the spot.. Like, I kept telling people Mind Game and forgetting to mention Tekkon Kinkreet, which they probably would’ve heard of before :\. One funny thing that sort of ran throughout my discussion with people, is when I starting conversing with someone, I’d ask “So you into anime?” and I’d usually get 2 responses. The first response would be like “would I be here if I wasn’t?” or something sarcastic like “uh no way man, whats that?” But then the second usual response would be like “Not all that much” or something along those lines. I guess more people go to these things who aren’t “into anime” than you’d think :\. Also I asked some people what the last thing they watched was and one of them was like “you must be a noobie” and I’m just thinking to myself “dude, no way did you just call me a noob to ‘anime'”

All in all, fun weekend. But it’s weird.. When I’m actually at the cons I would rather be at home, watching something on my computer, or checking on the forums.. But then I get home and all I want to do is go back to the con. I mean, seriously the conventions kinda go against my thoughts on how ridiculous “anime fandom” is, how we categorize everything from Japan into this fandom, and assume that because someone watches Pokemon then they must also be into Cowboy Bebop or some shoujo like Fruits Basket or something. Like, I went in a panel of “otaku” trivia, where they asked questions pertaining to Pokemon, Cowboy Bebop, Robot Carnival and Sgt Frog… It was ridiculous. Apparently because I thought Robot Carnival was awesome, I’m also supposed to be knowledgeable of Sgt Frog, because “they’re both anime” (Both cartoons made in Japan). I mean, when these 40+ year old panel hosts are going “our opinion on One Piece is we hate it and here’s way,” the only thing I can think is like, dude, you realize you’re talking about a show made for 13 year old boys right? Of course you’re probably not gonna be into it. Stick with your own demographic… I mean seriously, I’m supposed to be able to relate to that 13 year old girl over there because I liked Akira and she likes Shugo Chara? what?. I liked Tatami Galaxy and this 13 year old girl loves Pretty Cure, so we’re both of the same fandom… I mean, it’s all cool for people to be into shows or titles that aren’t exactly targeted towards them, I’m cool with that. You enjoy whatever you want to enjoy. But simply putting everything into the same pile, because it’s from Japan, seems ridiculous to me. But getting back to the dude on One Piece, that’s like seeing a 40 year old dude complain about how Twilight or something. Like, it doesn’t make you look intelligent when you talk about how poorly written Twilight is, it more just makes you look pathetic for caring :\

But then, even though I’m against labeling everyone who watches anything from Japan as “otaku,” it’s still like.. there’s a ton of hot chicks at these cons, and they are able to understand me and my interests, or at least respect my interest and hear me out even if they’re not exactly sure who Studio 4°C is. But paying a lot of cash to be in the presence of some chicks is pretty depressing in and of itself.. In short, no to the whoring mockery of Japanese culture, but yes to the hot chicks who’ve maybe possibly seen Akira before.

Also, I wrote “Pandadice” on my pass. I think I’m gonna start doing that at all the cons I go to now.. Assuming I go to another one.. I’m thinking I might hit up Katsucon if I can acquire the funds.