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>Deadman Wonderland [Ongoing Manga/ Anime coming out this season]


Deadman Wonderland is a manga that is about a boy called Ganta, one day all of his classmates are killed with him being the sole survivor. Suspicious enough as it is, since he is the sole survivor he is convicted of the crime of murdering all his classmates, thus sentenced to the bizarre prison known as ‘Deadman Wonderland’. In this prison, the prisoners are set out to fight for survival, while this happens Ganta needs to find out the identity of the murderer that murdered his classmates. Will Ganta be able to survive in this prison..? Or will he succumb to the prisons methods?

If you guys wanted to know, if i’m not wrong, this anime is airing on the 17th of April,  i’m not sure who is going to sub it yet, however I honestly recommend you guys to check out the manga or just follow the manga, it is really intense and traps you in it’s pace.

Alright, down to the real stuff, this manga is so action packed and filled with twists to the point that I actually really lose track of time, and actually get excited to continue reading about what happens next, especially since how the events turn out in this manga ( I can’t say what I really want to say since it would be spoilers boohoo ).

My rating of this manga would be 10/10 because of its continuous plot twisting events, and also battles that are so dramatic and action packed that it kind of sucks me into it, and I can’t seem to be able to stop reading until I read it to the latest chapter or till the end of the battle. This manga is also very intriguing in the way that I have not seen many manga up till now about a boy that is convicted for a murder and looks for survival or something close to this, this uniqueness I should say dragged me in, and perhaps maybe you guys too. I definitely hope you guys either pick up the anime and follow it since it’s coming out soon, or just have a read of the first few chapters of the manga and see if you like it.