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Well I finally started to invest in some gear for my DJ setup and well my first thing is the APC40
This retails at $300 for a board with buttons, knobs, and faders….. loool But it’s built like a tank!

Even though it’s $300 it’s only $75 for 4 months till paid off so it’s one hell of a deal.
This gives me the control I need for what I do in mixing.
The video shows why.


>Farewell My Great Headphones


As of today I claim these to be trash even though both ears work….. Just not equally. If you are interested in buying them I wouldnt mind selling them for $30 to you just send me an email.
These Still work and are in 100% perfect condition just the left driver has 20-25% less volume than the right which can be adjusted on the PC via the balance options on soundcards.
These are also 100% Genuine and not fake, no cracks and the drivers are also broken in so you will have Instant awesome sound quality unlike buying them new where you have to play music through them for like 40+hours.
Original retail price is $130 so you are saving $100

Email me at if interested.

>Muzic’s Outting (Jun 29, 2010)


Well Just as the title says

Today I went to a couple places with my dad and got some really … ok well in the world im going in it’s not REALLY expensive.. it’s actually really cheap stuff lol.

After we went to drop off my dad’s boat to get some work done on it, our first place was Guitar Center
Mainly was there to get new headphones for me but got more than that!


And This was the other thing I got besides my new headphones!

Out next stop is Fry’s Electronics

Thats my dad in the green shirt HUR HUR HUR DUUUURRRRR

Me showin off my new Sony MDR-V700 Pro DJ Headphones (LEGIT PEOPLE NOT FAKES)

The Core i7 Display unit….. WAIT! WHAT?! Quake Wars? and failed textures?! Thats some really shitting advertising.. or maybe it does just suck. lol (AMD Fanboi here)

This is my new DJ software controller unboxed!

As you can see my day was pretty cool. >.> Not AWESOME but I did get some awesome stuff.

Will be doing some anime reviews later this week. come back to read!

>Muzic’s Music Mixes On Hold

>Just like it says.
My mixing is on hold till I get a controller

So bear with me for some time.
Also have been testing out different programs besides Deckadance.
I do like deckadance but it seems to be lacking the functions that can really liven up a mix. In traktor which I will most likely end up using, I can mix without being in key the whole time so I can pull out some great mixes without the transitions sounding awful like it would in dekadance. Also I like the fact the Traktor has a FAAAARRRR better EQ than DD, like when I start turning the lows down to off the dial in traktor almost 100% cuts it out till you click the kill button whick you dont really need to do as for DD it still has quite a bit of bass and when you use the kill switch it starts cutting the Mids out >.>
I do like the fact that Traktor also can go up to 4 decks with a 4 channel mixer so making a more complex mix is doable also that the audio sync is far better imho with a little scrolling pad that you can drop to the beat much faster than just pitch bending till it matches.
I did try Virtual DJ, it was really responsive and had good quality despite its looks. though my major gripes were that it ate system resources like it was candy and also when you were cueing a song and browsing through it when a song was already playing in the main output it was start thinking you were somewhat trying to scratch the main output track and not whats in the headphones =.=

So there’s my thoughts on these. Will post a followup on this when I get the controler and possibly a video.

>MuzicFreq’s 1Hour Trance Mix


DL Link:

Track List:
01. Saint Rush – The Rooster (Original Mix)
02. Jonathan Martin – Insidious (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
03. Benya – Europa (Original Mix)
04. David Forbes – Sunrise (Tritonal’s Air Up There Mix)
05. Above & Beyond Featuring Tranquility Base – Buzz (BuzzTalk Mix)
06. Angel Ace – 776 Miles (Original Mix)
07. Kamil Polner – Soul Cure (Original Mix)
08. HeatBeat – Hadoken (Original Mix)
09. Paul Trainer – Deal With It (Original Mix)
10. Richard Durand – No Way Home (Extended Mix)
11. Blank Jones – Lazy Life (Martin Roth Summer Vibe Mix)