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>Video Encoding Rant


Im seriously tied of these stupid ass claims that people make about one group’s video encoding from another’s and the difference with audio tracks like FLAC vs. AC3. It’s stupid

Especially with the latest crap that is CoalGirls vs. Thora for Neon Genesis 2.22

Here’s a post for example,

“When I view the pictures through my browser, I can clearly tell that Coalgirl’s looks the most vibrant and sharpest, while DGz is clearly the most blurry and THORA has a completely different color variation compared to Coalgirl’s and DGz’s release. However, when I save the pictures onto my desktop and view it from there, there isn’t as big of a difference when viewing it on my desktop as there is when viewing it in the browser. With that being said, even when viewing it on my desktop DGz’s is still the blurriest, but THORA’s picture does not have such a big color differentiation, it has the same color palette as the other releases.
Tl;dr : THORA’s release is the worst. Look at Asuka’s hair ribbon, the black lines running along the hair accessory is very much pixelated (result of a bad encode/source?). Coalgirl’s is the way to go. I will be waiting for the v2.
Coalgirls > DGz > Thora”
The pictures in question,
To me the difference between THORA and CoalGirls is so minor that really when you are watching it when the characters are moving and what not your eyes will not be able to pinpoint every single flaw in the fames when it was riped and encoded. No one’s eyes are THAT perfect and accurate to see them. Kinda like the people that say they can see the major difference between 60fps to 120+fps. It become unnotiable because your eyes cannot process that fast. Also my other thing about this is that thee people are damn picky for something that they are pirating. . . sheesh. I honestly Like Thora not for the quality though I like their quality imho, but mostly for the ordered chapters and file size.