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>Infinite Stratos Episode 3: The Transfer Student is a Second Childhood Friend


Well, this episode review certainly came in at a later time than usual, but no matter, this one won’t be any better off, sense-wise, even if I did post it in my regular slot.

I’m more or less OK with this episode, but I’d have to say that I was expecting something a bit more out of Rin, although I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Nevertheless, her presence sparked some extremely interesting scenes; seeing Houki and Cecilia get jealous over Rin was a sight to behold, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of their antics.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this episode since the bulk of its length went straight toward talking, more talking, and even more talking. The title here really does dish out what its content is, and I’m taking that quite
literally. Nothing to be surprised though, since it’s all about introducing Rin (of course, next week’s a continuation of this). A similar case also happened with Cecilia back in the previous episodes.

Ichika and Cecilia are picked to demonstrate a dive and sudden stop before hitting the ground.

Sadly, Ichika’s level isn’t quite there yet. However, if it was about being unable to come to a complete stop, then I’m sure he’d get a perfect grade.

Oh, and also making a hole.


Houki VS Cecilia Round 1. Which one of these maidens in love will gain an advantage at claiming Ichika!? Unless…

…there’s another challenger!?

Celebration for Ichika becoming the class rep. Cecilia did win, but she explains and admits that she was being childish. Sadly, she adds something unnecessary like it was only natural that she would win because … … … … (let … = something or other + etc.)

Houki doesn’t seem to like it when Ichika’s being surrounded by other girls. I wonder why…

Sorry, it’s actually a group photo!

No noteworthy-fanservice this week, which is actually good given the context of this episode. Wait, was this series supposed to be ecchi?

The many faces of Rin…

….only to be trampled over by the great presence of Chifuyu!

Flashback of when Ichika first encountered an IS suit. This, apparently, is the reason how he got into IS Academy; the IS suit responded to him.

First osananajimi

Facepalm’d. The facepalm was inevitable by this point.


Next week’s episode looks exciting!
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