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>Infinite Stratos Episode 4: Decisive Battle! The Class League Match


This was a particularly action-packed episode, which at the same time featured several important aspects of the IS lore continuum. Clearly the first thing that should come to mind whenever you see “featured” and “important” is the idea of a new trap…err, I meant girl, making an appearance. We’re 4 episodes into the series and every other showing so far has a new character introduction staged. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of preference, and I personally don’t find it boring nor uninteresting at all.

The great thing about
Infinite Stratos is the character detail. Not just in terms of physical style/appearance, but also in dialogue and attitude. Let’s take Ichika for example. His character is so amusing and appealing because he sticks to his guts (without the shounen connotation), while at same time maintaining to be level-headed. Of course on several occasions he might blow off some light steam, but he does not do it without a good reason (or a stupid one, yes, I won’t deny it). I personally find that any of his less attractive traits are easily compensated by the rest of the cast (glorification much?), Houki, Cecilia, Rin, Girl # 4, Girl # 5, etc. Chifuyu is in a whole different league.

Nevertheless, episode-wise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was not disappointed with how things turned out, and I can’t say anything that would really be an addition that’s required for an improvement. Well, maybe the CGs. I just never grew accustomed to those. At least for now…maybe.