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>Infinite Stratos Episode 7: Blue Days / Red Switch


After much internal debate, I ended up blogging this episode after all.

The tardiness of this post is, quite frankly, intentional; furthermore, the initial plan was in fact, a lack of post for last week’s episode, but due to several (recent) conditions, I found it somewhat necessary to come up with an assessed review. I’m going to open my review for episode 8 with this post, while maintaining my weekly quota at the same time.

With that said, I’ll be mentioning some points in the episode that piqued my interest; containing, but not exclusive to rabbles and ‘whatnots’, as well as magically appearing-and-disappearing headbands.

By far, the focus of this episode is Laura being godly awesome with her Schwarzer Roegen. Clearly the Germans have done their Physics homework, and have been successful at implementing, bending, theorizing and applying the Laws of Motion for their IS. Cancelling inertia of a moving mass? Brilliance or pure madness? Either way, as it stood, none of the representatives stood a chance against her, including Ichika and his Leeroy Jenkins plan. In the end, Chifuyu pwned all of them though.

I know I said I haven’t taken any particular interest in Laura, but after this episode, I kind of grew to like her. She’s clearly by far the only female that has not fawn all over Ichika in a mere two-episode run. That’s worth something at least.

This particular segment of the series also revealed a little back story for Houki’s past. It’s been revealed that due to the introduction of the IS by her sister, her family had been moving from place to place frequently out of protection from being held by organizations and groups that are trailing to make IS available for the military for use in combat. In the present, she reminisces about her behavior in the past, and narrates a short dialogue about the difference between strength and violence. Her take on it is quite interesting, but then again, I’m more interested in overwhelming power and absolute obedience.

Also, did anyone notice how Cecilia’s head bandages suddenly turned into her usual blue headband, and then reverted back to bandages after several seconds?