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>Infinite Stratos Episode 8: Find Out My Mind


Houki: 0 | Cecilia: 0 | Rin: 0 | Charlotte: 0 | Laura: 1

Best episode to appear so far for the series, or at least in my honest opinion. Lots of action, little drama down-time, and the most appealing of all, converting another gal to the harem keikaku. Now, unlike TLRD, Momo isn’t here to coordinate and execute, or rather, there’s no such character who’s taking that role. However, if things just work themselves out and the ending comes to a nice, beautiful and clean canvas, then who needs such a character ploy. Eh, Ichika? Atta’ boy. You go get ’em ladies without doing or knowing anything.

Since I’ve already set-up a draft of the evaluation from my previous post, I intend to continue with the same style and layout. A discussion of the occurrences in this episode is a must, because the story does get progressive even for just a tiny amount of time. I’m not going to go into great length and detail about every second of the episode, because that’s simply bad style. However, I will point out the personal extremes that I noticed after seeing this installment.

Laura, the latest girl that fell victim (although technically it’s really the opposite…) to the harem because of Ichika’s godly charm and cunningness, is pretty much the ultimate focus of this episode. We get to see her upbringing and what kind of lifestyle she had been surrounded been for the most part, and if not her entire life. She was ultimately brought up to function as a weapon (few other titles ring a bell?), and her entirety was comprised of being the best in the field of combat. This changed suddenly, however, because of the introduction of the IS system by none other than everyone’s idol, Shinonono Tabane. This caused a great deal of friction on her well-being; enough to distance her pride as the ace in combat from her actual ability to operate the machine.

Her left eye has been implanted with (a) nano-machine(s) to further increase her compatibility with the IS, but the desired results, I’m assuming, have been far from the expected. Chifuyu-sama (I love you!) then came along, and trained Laura, as well as her platoon, to be awesome again. Stuff follows, and here we are back to the present time.

The other point I wanted to make was how awesome Houki’s reactions (as always) were this episode. For lack of better simple adjectives to use, I will let you decide instead how to describe her funny scenes. I could write about her role in the match during the early minutes, but that’s probably better off watched than narrated or written about, so I won’t put any detail on it.

Note: Win and awesome are coined, so you can’t use those.

Lastly, for Charle’s/Charlotte’s/Char’s fans, rejoice! Your gal made her move! Obligatory fan service shot can be found among the several pictures below.