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>Beetles Are Not Fun


Sure, you may think that beetles are fun. And I don’t blame you. They’re cute, peaceful, and funny looking. Right?

NO DAMMIT. Whenever it gets hot, a single beetle… A single, half-an-inch, scary as hell beetle always seems to find it’s way into my room. I am strong around bugs. I’m not particularly scared. But this damn beetle… Let me explain its behavior.

1. This beetle is not provoked.
I have thrown shoes, socks, and buckets at this thing, and no matter what I throw at it, it doesn’t move. It’s like it’s frikin invincible.

2. No heat, no beetle.
That’s right. As soon as the weather goes below 55F, that damn thing goes into hibernation of something and I can’t find where it is.

3. You never know when it will attack.
This thing can stay in one spot for hours on end without moving. Just standing there. Taunting me.

4. If can fly.
Not only can it fly. It is so sure of it’s amazing invincibility that it flies straight into things at full speed. And rest assured, you will know when this beetle is around because it makes a horrible ‘clunk’ noise when it hits something. clunk clunk CLUNK. And after it hits something? It nosedives on to the floor where it blends in with my carpet…

Seriously, this thing is out to drive me insane. The other day, this thing appeared and I left my room immediately, went into the basement and didn’t go back into my room for 3 days at which time it was cool out again. I slept on that uncomfortable couch for 3 days in that basement.

In conclusion, I hate this beetle.


>Ipod Touch Failure??


    Yesterday, I found a cool anime app for my ipod touch. Just one problem, I needed to upgrade my ipod touch to version 4.0. Fine. No problem.

   I go ahead and start the update. And then two seconds later, my ipod freezes and I get an error message. I start getting all upset cause my ipod will not even turn on correctly, it keeps asking for me to hook it to itunes…


    The funniest thing just happened. I had given up all hope. lol

    I was in the middle of restoring my ipod while I am writing this. It said that all of my videos and music would be erased. But, I just restored it and everything is still there. Haah… This is sort of an empty rant now… Oh well! My iPod is alright!

>A $50 Test Run

> On Jun-29-2010 NISA posted the following:

“It came to our attention that there are some video quality issues with our first anime titles, Toradora! and PERSONA -trinity soul-. We are taking these issues seriously and are currently working on fixing the problems. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused. We will announce our steps to solve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

Not a great start for your venture into anime. I am curious as to how bad these problems are. Perhaps they look as awful as some of Funimation’s old encodes. Either way, seeing as how they had plenty of time to work on these, it will make me think twice and research their future anime products. Hopefully they can figure out what they are doing as time goes on. I’ll keep you updated if any screenshots happen to surface.

>Major Torrent Sites Down~


    About 24 hours ago, three major suppliers of anime torrents all went down at the same time. To me it’s pretty funny to imagine all of the mayhem this might have cause. Thankfully, I didn’t have to download any torrents last night.

    The sites in question are,,, and Apparently, the server failures were brought about by a power outage where the servers are located.

A major power outage hit the inner city of Stockholm on the night to Friday. Nearly 70,000 housholds were affected in mainly the central and northern parts of the city.

    All three of the sites are back up by now.

>Onion’s Weekly Art Gallery 8


    Well, here we are. Week 8. Good news: there is bad news. Bad news: No new art for you this week. I was suddenly inspired to create an original yon-koma series, and all week I’ve been practicing basic things that usually get me caught up. I actually ended up drawing a lot more this week than on any other typical week. However, I didn’t really make any full sketches. Next up for me comes character design I guess. So, since I have no new art for you this week, I thought it may be fun to upload some of my old art. And not just any old art… Fail art! Please enjoy and comment.

Also, no cool image zooming on this gallery because it seems unworthy of fail art. Maybe…

Inspired to draw these cats after watching the episode of Kamichu where the cats were battling XD
Yep, thats a mushroom.
And my fail Nagi, as requested by Atvrcr.
As always, comment or frikin die!