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>A Final Farewell


    Well people, it has been a journey, but it is time for my Sabbatical (or being a poor ass with no money for the internet). I have enjoyed these last few months with you. Doing “Otaku Talk”, chatting with you on IRC and the blog, and making fun of your opinions and making enemies of most of you. 😛

    But, all good things must come to an end, or at least take a rest. And it is my turn. When I first started doing this blog, we had no followers and just a couple dollars in our pockets, and now look at us, exactly the same. 😛 But working with Onion, Atvrcr, and MuzicFreq has been such a fulfilling experience. I’ve enjoyed their posts and insights. But fear not people, I will most certainly be returning, and for my Fans (Bosch) I will not be shaving for the next 7 months either. So you’ll be able to enjoy even more beard.

    I want to acknowledge some people and places for there roles as inspiration in my Otaku Lifestyle. First off is Baka-Wolf (R.I.P.?). Without this site I would not have been able to meet my fellow Japanese entertainment connoisseurs. Next is the whole of Rizon Network on IRC. without your enthusiastic motivations toward anime, I could not be able to watch/read/play the things that I do today. People Specific on IRC i would like to mention is Bosch, ergZay, Jecht, Lobs (Freenode), Maru (freenode), commander`A (Ryuumaru), Sunny (Hina-Subs), And alot of people on #NEWS. without your helps, I could not do what I can.

    So without any further Adieu, I bid you all farewell. It has been a fun ride, but now I must get off and go back to the end of the line. See you again in Seven Months. O/