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>Super Amazing Video Special

>It’s that time again, when I am able to collect up enough videos that I deem worthy, I like to mass post them. Yeah this has been ready to post for like 3 days now, but I did this on my laptop and I’ve been chillin on the desktop recently. Anyways make sure to click read more and enjoy this awesomeness

Amu Just Wants Her Sex

Shugo Chara Amu Vs Utau Bride Wars! (Funniest Video I’ve Seen in a While)

Kodocha Mr Grinch

Special A Twilight Trailer

Tales of Vesperia X Yozakura Quartet


Shugo Chara Mean Girls

Rima is Too Cool For You

I Don’t Even Know How to Describe This One


>Filler Post Round 2


Yes yes, I’ve been missing. Sue me?

Anyways, I am sure you are wondering why the heck I have been missing for a lil while. Well lately I have been extremely busy with crap out in the real world. Very scary indeed.  Ever since I got  back from my trip to Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska I’ve had an extremely busy schedule. Entertaining people, going out to do things, it’s all a pain in the ass. Even earlier I got another text from people asking to come over…blah just let me have a day to my self. Let’s see what else, I was at the liquor store today and picking up some stuff for a party, the girl who works there isn’t from here and doesn’t speak fluid english. She was checking my ID and she said “89, Yuu turn 21 dis year.” And she was trying to say congradulations but it was more… She asked me how to say the word (it was so awesome cuz engrish can be sexy) so I taught her how to say it, and as I was walking out I could here her practicing xD

Anyways besides me being so blah lately, I DO infact have some stuff to post, it’s more of a matter of me not being lazy. So look forward to 2 game reviews, and 2 dub reviews. I would talk about other stuff but there has been a lack of stuff going on that is interesting enough to post, unless you wanna hear me ramble on about stuff I’ve done (which doesn’t sound amazingly amusing tbh). Oh and I’ll be busy Thursday as well, gotta bday party to go to and it is going to be one hell of a party!

Oh one last thing, I need to put my new tv in my room, it’s still rotting.

For those of you who are lazy here is the tl;dr version: 

Busy, I have a real life too, parties, bday party thursday, still haven’t put my new tv in my room, I’ve ignored you lately, going to post more stuff soon.

>So What Now?

>I actually drew something today, it was the first in about a year. I gave up spectacularly about halfway through >.>  I guess I fail. I mean I didn’t even get around to making the parts I finished look not as rough. Oh well, I wouldn’t call it my finest piece anyways.  Oh yeah, and when I say the first in almost a year, I mean my first REAL drawing, I screw around drawing chibi blobs all the time but those don’t count.

Hell I even started drawing a few pages of 4koma but alas I also gave up midway. As soon as something doesn’t look right I get frustrated and say to hell with this!!

On another note, I think I am going to stop being lazy and maybe post something worthwhile one of these days. Since my lil vacation I have become somewhat lazy. This place has felt somewhat dead recently, but in reality we have already posted a bunch of stuff this month.  I guess I only feel that way because I haven’t been hanging out on here as much as before I went on my trip.

What else, what else, I must fill up more space.

Give me a subject, I shall make a 4koma out of it. Not to steal Onion’s thunder or anything, I am just a very bored person right now.

Shalala Shalala Shalala Shalalalicooooo!!!

Panda where the hell are you? I am going to have to send poachers after your ass.

Well I guess it’s about time to wrap things up. For those who are lazy here is the tl;dr version:  drawing failed, I am lazy, suggestions, 4koma yatta yatta yatta.

Oh and if you are looking for anime to watch this season I suggest:  Ookami-san, Seitokai Yakuindomo, and Seikimatsu Occult  Gakuin.

>Random Vids Yay!!

>So here’s the thing… when I can’t think of what to post about I usually cop out and do some vids. Well that’s exactly what you are getting this time. I personally like em so click below and watch.

Lelouch Like a Boss

K-ON Black Music Club

Jizzed in my pants AMV

Hinamizawa Mental Health Hotline

Ouran Jaws

Ouch my Balls

Pani Poni The Finger

Superbad Host Club

Law and Order