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>Unboxing of Ar Tonelico III

>So I came home to find a wonderful thing in my mail!!!

This little box was sitting there just itching to be opened!


So I went ahead and opened it. Nicely bubble wrapped so everything would be safe 😀


It comes shrinkwrapped and all.


The top of the box.


The back.




Note this little tab. It can be a pain in the ass to open so be careful not to damage the box trying to pull it up. Grap the corners and gently pull up, giving a slight wiggle and it will slide out.


Like this.


Now we’re cooking!


Goodies below!!


Let’s take a look shall we?


Back of the game case.


Opened up.


Sample of the art book!


The calendar!


This is slipped in the middle of the calendar to keep it straight.


Sample of the calendar. Starts with the month of April, good thinking NISA!


Review later, I’m going to go play!!

>[Help] Atv is Going to Build a Computer

>Once again I need to build a computer, and that means that I also once again need your help. I don’t know all the things about building my own computer so I will tell you what I want out of it, and hopefully you guys can give me a nice idea of the stuff I should buy. I have a list of what I want out of it

I am getting an AMD Phenom II x6 1090T or 1100T (3.2ghz) So that should help you when helping me pick a motherboard

I want this computer to be for gaming. When I say gaming I mean something I can have the settings on 1080p with the graphics turned up ( or 720p with maxed out settings). They don’t have to be all the way up but I want them to look pretty. In other words I want to have most of the settings of a game on high.

Like I said before, I need a good video card or multiple if that’s what I would need, but I do also need an HDMI out

The price range is somewhere between 800-1300 USD. This doesn’t mean you have to pick things until the price is maxed out but it also doesn’t mean you have to pick the bare minimum either. I am somewhat flexible on the price as well.

I want this to at least be able play upcoming games such as Battlefield 3, and future games as well. Aka I don’t want this to already be outdated when I buy it.

I want to be able to upgrade this in the future.

I am probably looking for around 8GB RAM (expandable to 16) , 1TB HDD, and around 6- 8 USB ports.

Sorry if this stuff sounds demanding, I just have an idea of what I want but don’t know how to build it myself.

I need to know everything from Power Supplies to Heatsinks

Here’s what I would like you to do: Give me a list of stuff that you would recommend and would suit my needs. While you’re at it, show me what you would build if you could build whatever as well.

>Atvrcr – The Best Anime and Games of Each Year


This List Will Include Movies
Everything is based off what I can remember and my current feelings. I will probably look at it later and ask myself why its in the list but meh.

 Lets get on with this so I can go write my rant.

2000 FLCL
2001 Super Gals
2002 Ghost in the Shell -S.A.C.
2003 Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
2004 Samurai Champloo
2005 Shakugan no Shana
2006 NANA
2007 Lucky star
2008 Clannad -After Story-
2009 Kimi ni Todoke
2010 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Based on US Release dates)
2000 Chrono Cross
2001 Final Fantasy Chronicles (because as far as I can remember 2001 was not that great of a year for rpgs and this brought us Chrono Trigger onto the Playstation
2002 Kingdom Hearts
2003 Xenosaga
2004 Star Ocean 3
2005 Lunar Dragon Song
2006 Tales of the Abyss
2007 Persona 3
2008 Tales of Vesperia
2009 Ar Tonelico II
2010 Resonance of Fate
-No Worst of for this type of list, Sorry Tonkun-

>What Kind of Gamer am I?


I had seen on Sankaku Complex so I decided to fill it out so say.

Game Elite Tendency Light Gamer
Enjoys strategising themselves Strategy Likes reading hint books whilst playing
Likes to clear games quickly Time Doesn’t like to play under time constraints
Likes to play at their own pace Time Doesn’t want to spend too much time on each game
Likes sophisticated controls Control Complex controls = boring
Buys on release day Purchase Buys when free to do so
Game magazines Info Friends
Discount stores or Amazon Budget Buys normally if they can’t get it for free
Excitedly waits through loading Loading Long load = off
Likes games (also anime and comics) Interests Interested in games amongst other things
Must play to be satisfied Play Satisfied just to watch others play
Virtual Love Real

Overall: Elite

Note on Question 1 and 6.: 1. It depends on what kind of game it is. 6: I also do my own research, but that wasn’t an option. I don’t read gaming magazines because the games I generally like don’t have the publishers throwing money at the magazine companies to give them a good score or make a headline.

>My opinion of the Nintendo 3DS


    After searching around, I found a lot of websites that give the specs on the Nintendo 3DS but not too many that actually give a personal opinion about it. So, I’ll attempt to convey my own opinion of the 3DS in this post.

    I myself have owned an original DS, and currently have a DS Lite. I don’t own a DSi, but both my brother and sister have a DSi, so I can try and compare to that if I have to.

DIMENSIONS (when closed)
5.3 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.8 inches

    Sounds fine, sounds fine. Sure I can imaging how that looks, but really without a tape measure, I’m pretty lost. I saw the 3DS’s during E3 on the television, and it looked to be a fair size.

8 ounces

    Sounds fine I guess. I actually hate the way everything is going towards lightness. I like my electronic products to have substantial weight to them.

3.52 inch widescreen display / 800×240 resolution (400 pixels for each eye during 3D gameplay)

    They say 800×240 resolution, but this is just annoying. Just because the games are in 3D, it doesn’t magically make 400 more pixels appear. This can be said for any screen, as long as the person looking at it has at least 2 eyes…

3.02 inch touch-screen display / 320×240 resolution

    Not bad. As long as it beats the DS Lite’s 256 x 192 resolution, I’ll be happy.

Three cameras, two on outer casing, one above top screen / 640×480 resolution (0.3 megapixel)

    It’s cool that they’re putting two cameras on the outside of the 3DS. This gives players one more way to have fun with the 3D features.

Cartridge slot for both 3DS and DS cards (3DS cards have a 2GB capacity “at launch”, suggesting larger sizes to come) / SD memory card slot

    Another good thing. Giving the 3DS the ability to play DS games is very nice indeed. If only it could take the DS games and make them 3D xD.

2.4ghz / 802.11 wi-fi / Can communicate with other consoles or internet when in sleep mode / wireless can be switched off to preserve battery life

    Very nice. The ability to communicate even while in sleep mode is sort of scary though, and at the same time, pretty awesome. I wonder if they’ll have some way to alert the owner if another 3DS user comes within range or something.

Touch-screen / D-pad / 360-degree “Slide Pad” (the analog stick) / motion sensor / gyro sensor / 3D “depth slider” can reduce (or even disable) 3D effects in games

    The “Slide Pad” is going to add a lot of control, although it’s going to be weird adjusting from the layout on the PSP. The ability to change the 3D effect is a splendid idea, because I’m sure there are people out there who want the games, but hate 3D. Although that is not me :D.

4-inch stylus (when full extended)

Stereo speakers (includes stereo headphone out jack)

Lithium ion battery (lifespan details TBA)

    Standard stuff here.

    So yes, odds are high that I’ll be purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. I’m psyched for the graphics and the internet capabilities. Can’t wait for the release!