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>Super Cute Time: Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash 123!!


    As I’ve said many times, I’m not interested in plot. What I like to see in my games is fantastic art. And for me, the cuter the better. While on one of my usual random walks around the playasia website, I came across this Hello Kitty game with cuteness galore.

   The game seems to be a breakout type game with many random and new features like a round paddle, or a completely dark stage. However each of the 100+ stages is home to a fabulously cute drawing for viewing pleasure. And I imagine that when a stage is completed, the art is collected and put into some gallery for future viewing.

   There also appears to be many different styles of cuteness as seen on the game’s homepage which is pretty awesome. It also contains this video:

   For someone like me, the super casual games who feels like he is having a heart-attack whenever he sees something cute, this seems to be a perfect game. Odds are quite high that I’ll be getting this and I can’t fully explain why.

   The game is $44 from PlayAsia and I think the text in the bottom right of the screen on the homepage says you can also download it for your computer(or perhaps psp go?) at a reduced price of 3,200円, however I’d much rather have this in a more portable form especially since something like a brick breaking game isn’t something you sit around and play for extended periods.