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>Hidamari Drawing Brigade


    Don’t let the paragraphs of text scare you! It’s really not that hard at all once you get the hang of it. For me It’s pretty much effortless. Why, I can- What? You want to know what this is? Well, then allow me to explain.

    The Hidamari Drawing Brigade is just a little thing I made up one day in an attempt to find more motivation to help me draw more. For me, the card works great. It sort of reminds me of grinding in an MMORPG to get level ups :P.

   Anyway, this card is used basically to keep track of how much you draw. Every time you draw, you gain a certain amount of points based on what you accomplished. And when you don’t draw, there is an experience penalty. Now, I’m not sure what other people will think of this, but It’s really been working for me.

   As of right now, I have 1286 experience points and am a level 50. This is after almost a year of drawing. I made the first prototype card back in October of 2009.

   All rules for the methods of gaining experience and such is all explained right on the card. Should any questions arise, please post a comment so I can make necessary adjustments.

   Here are the print pages. Right click and go to “view in new tab” to see them in full size. Just print the first one, take that same page, and print on the back to make the card. It’s simple. Let me know what you think.

    Of course, this card only covers the first 10 levels. Within the next few days, I hope to post cards that go all the way up to level 60.