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>Honorable Mention: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? – 02

>Never before has there been two honorable mentions in the same day! Well trust me, it’s worth it. This is from episode 2 of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka. After screwing up a horrible pick-up line, Ayumu decides to break dance! Yes! What’s better recovery is there for a bad pick-up line anyway? This scene is SO funny that the first time I watched it I was laughing fr about a whole minute and I had to rewind to see what I missed. It’s that great.


>Honorable Mention: Gakuen Alice – 18


It’s not what you think. Or is it? Well, no matter what, I’m sure we’ve all seen a scene like this a million times. However! This one left an impression on me. The faces are undeniably cute and effective. The sounds are funny and spot-on. And Hotaru’s reaction is legendary. Also, there’s a youtube video of it at the end of the post, so be sure to check that out!!

Mikan and Natsume are trapped in a section of a haunted house attraction after a power outage.

Natsume makes a comment about Mikan’s strawberry panties. A funny moment.

Luca and Hotaru have entered the haunted house to find Mikan and Natsume.

They find the wall that Mikan and Natsume are trapped behind and Luca knocks it doen. But what they find behind it is not what they expect!

Bum bum bum!! Natsume and Mikan getting friendly.

Now here’s the best part. They switch the camera between a far out view and close ups of everyones’ faces. It really worth checking out.

Hotaru’s face is definitely the best. It’s probably the reason I posted this honorable mention in the first place.

Here’s a video clip that I found on youtube. The subs are in Spanish, but it’s the only clip I could find that worked. Just click play and it will jump right to the scene automatically. You really get the full effect of the scene here because of the sound and stuff. Enjoy!

>Honorable Mention: Panty and Stocking – 08


     Synopsis: If there’s one thing I love, it’s hearing English curse words in anime. Whenever I hear them, I’m overwhelmed with laughter for some reason. And Panty and Stocking has lots of English curse words, and every episode there seems to be more and more.

    Hearing things like “faku” in this anime is has become pretty standard, but in this episode, they were particularly creative.

>Honorable Mention: Soul Eater – 14


    Synopsis: The students of Shibusen prepare for a written test by studying in their own ways.

Kid has no worries about the test:

Instead of study, Kid plans to trim Liz’s eyebrows:

But before he does that, he needs to make a blueprint:

Halfway through the test, Kid is still writing his name:

Kid has trouble getting his “k” to be symmetrical:

After a misfire from his eraser, he cracks:

And, the result:

   Kid was so hilarious in this episode. There is no doubt that I’ll be coming back and re-watching this scene over and over for one of the best laughs ever.