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>Ichigo Mashimaro Volume 5


Yeah, I know it’s been out for a while, but I just got around to purchasing it. Years ago when I got around to buying and reading up to volume 4, bookstores stopped selling Ichigo mashimaro in-store. I’ve no idea why, since it’s the best manga in the world. The other day I decided reread the series for what, the 4th time(?), so I went ahead and bought volume 5 on amazon. Hopefully Tokyopop releases volume 6 soon.


>Atvrcr’s Top Ten Anime OP’s (05 – 01)

>So before I head to bed, here is my anime op’s 5-1. So I guess the ED’s come next?

Ichigo Mashimaro OP

Angel Beats OP

Vote for your favorite!!~