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>Worst Case Scenario – Infinite Stratos


(Scene taken from the opening sequence)

Worst case scenario, Ichika’s IS doesn’t respond for some reason (be it zero shield energy or some other technical problem) and Ichika plummets into the ocean and breaks every bone in his body, or worse, he gets expelled from the school for jumping from cliffs. Really, how does an IS fit inside of a bracelet? Maybe they use teleportation technology to pull their IS’s out of alternate dimensions. Any way you look at it, it doesn’t seem to be a very good idea to go jumping off of cliffs assuming that your IS will pop up. As soon as we see an instance in the anime of someone’s IS not responding, my point will have been proven.


>Infinite Stratos Episode 9: Oceans Eleven


I have nothing constructive to say about this episode despite the two-week delay. At first glance it may seem like a fanservice episode, but in reality, it really is just a fanservice episode.

Laura was fairly cute in this episode, although I’m not sure how I should react with her sudden personality shift.

Chifuyu-sama was epic win this episode, if I might add. I made sure to get as much screens of her in her mizugi so I (and you) may use it as an educational reference material at some point later on. I would’ve also LOVED to see more of Houki in her mizugi, but alas, the only appearance she made in this episode were at the beginning and at the very end.

>Infinite Stratos Episode 8: Find Out My Mind


Houki: 0 | Cecilia: 0 | Rin: 0 | Charlotte: 0 | Laura: 1

Best episode to appear so far for the series, or at least in my honest opinion. Lots of action, little drama down-time, and the most appealing of all, converting another gal to the harem keikaku. Now, unlike TLRD, Momo isn’t here to coordinate and execute, or rather, there’s no such character who’s taking that role. However, if things just work themselves out and the ending comes to a nice, beautiful and clean canvas, then who needs such a character ploy. Eh, Ichika? Atta’ boy. You go get ’em ladies without doing or knowing anything.

Since I’ve already set-up a draft of the evaluation from my previous post, I intend to continue with the same style and layout. A discussion of the occurrences in this episode is a must, because the story does get progressive even for just a tiny amount of time. I’m not going to go into great length and detail about every second of the episode, because that’s simply bad style. However, I will point out the personal extremes that I noticed after seeing this installment.

Laura, the latest girl that fell victim (although technically it’s really the opposite…) to the harem because of Ichika’s godly charm and cunningness, is pretty much the ultimate focus of this episode. We get to see her upbringing and what kind of lifestyle she had been surrounded been for the most part, and if not her entire life. She was ultimately brought up to function as a weapon (few other titles ring a bell?), and her entirety was comprised of being the best in the field of combat. This changed suddenly, however, because of the introduction of the IS system by none other than everyone’s idol, Shinonono Tabane. This caused a great deal of friction on her well-being; enough to distance her pride as the ace in combat from her actual ability to operate the machine.

Her left eye has been implanted with (a) nano-machine(s) to further increase her compatibility with the IS, but the desired results, I’m assuming, have been far from the expected. Chifuyu-sama (I love you!) then came along, and trained Laura, as well as her platoon, to be awesome again. Stuff follows, and here we are back to the present time.

The other point I wanted to make was how awesome Houki’s reactions (as always) were this episode. For lack of better simple adjectives to use, I will let you decide instead how to describe her funny scenes. I could write about her role in the match during the early minutes, but that’s probably better off watched than narrated or written about, so I won’t put any detail on it.

Note: Win and awesome are coined, so you can’t use those.

Lastly, for Charle’s/Charlotte’s/Char’s fans, rejoice! Your gal made her move! Obligatory fan service shot can be found among the several pictures below.

>Infinite Stratos Episode 7: Blue Days / Red Switch


After much internal debate, I ended up blogging this episode after all.

The tardiness of this post is, quite frankly, intentional; furthermore, the initial plan was in fact, a lack of post for last week’s episode, but due to several (recent) conditions, I found it somewhat necessary to come up with an assessed review. I’m going to open my review for episode 8 with this post, while maintaining my weekly quota at the same time.

With that said, I’ll be mentioning some points in the episode that piqued my interest; containing, but not exclusive to rabbles and ‘whatnots’, as well as magically appearing-and-disappearing headbands.

By far, the focus of this episode is Laura being godly awesome with her Schwarzer Roegen. Clearly the Germans have done their Physics homework, and have been successful at implementing, bending, theorizing and applying the Laws of Motion for their IS. Cancelling inertia of a moving mass? Brilliance or pure madness? Either way, as it stood, none of the representatives stood a chance against her, including Ichika and his Leeroy Jenkins plan. In the end, Chifuyu pwned all of them though.

I know I said I haven’t taken any particular interest in Laura, but after this episode, I kind of grew to like her. She’s clearly by far the only female that has not fawn all over Ichika in a mere two-episode run. That’s worth something at least.

This particular segment of the series also revealed a little back story for Houki’s past. It’s been revealed that due to the introduction of the IS by her sister, her family had been moving from place to place frequently out of protection from being held by organizations and groups that are trailing to make IS available for the military for use in combat. In the present, she reminisces about her behavior in the past, and narrates a short dialogue about the difference between strength and violence. Her take on it is quite interesting, but then again, I’m more interested in overwhelming power and absolute obedience.

Also, did anyone notice how Cecilia’s head bandages suddenly turned into her usual blue headband, and then reverted back to bandages after several seconds?

>Infinite Stratos Episode 6: My Roommate is a Blonde Gentleman


I actually forgot that I was supposed to blog about this. I don’t particularly have a good reason for an excuse other than the two midterms that came up very recently, which I’m pretty sure I did really bad on, and the butt-load of homework that was whimsically assigned.

I can’t really say much about this episode, other than it was decent. Despite the obvious lack of Houki being awesome (compensated by Charles’s fan-service shots), the episode did progress a little bit forward. We also got to the reason behind why Chifuyu-sama didn’t show up for the 2nd Championship (which eventually led to her forfeiting). What I don’t get is how the Germans knew where Ichika was.

I haven’t particularly gone attached to Laura, or at least not yet. I’m still waiting for a good reason for her actions, which I’m very much hoping to see this week.

That’s pretty much it. I won’t write anything about the Charles incident since it’ll simply be a repetition of what I said on the last review. It wasn’t very hard to figure out what ‘his’ secret was since ‘he’ was introduced, and how it would’ve turned out, so I won’t go out of my way to explain the obvious.

Is it me, or does she look like a Valkyria?


>Infinite Stratos Episode 5: Boy Meets Boy


Quite an interesting episode, and at the same time, extremely enjoyable. I’ll get to the reason for the latter in a bit after looking at some of the more progressive, if not dull, points the episode covered.

The introduction system for the series still holds true for the most part. It’s roughly a span of two episodes to begin and conclude the insertion of a character, and a bit of time in the previous episode is used to start the next cycle. Laura was added right at the very last moment of this episode, and it would seem that her story would be told in conjunction with Charles’. Now, since I have not read the light novels covering the material up to this point, I’m not really sure what’s going to happen. Frankly though, I’m not expecting much story depth behind Charles’ secret, because really, if it’s just “him” getting found out/revealed to be a “her”, then I would’ve been fine either way had she started as a “her” instead.

On the other hand, I AM looking forward to Laura’s story. I haven’t really thought up any kind of theory behind her character, but at the very least I’m pretty sure she’s more than a simple acquaintance of Chifuyu-sama. And whenever Chifufu-sama is involved, I ALWAYS look forward to it.

Lastly, the one person that made me enjoy this episode the most was Houki. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Houki. I think she is an excellent character both in appearance and in dialogue. It’s even more fun seeing her so amused and bewildered just by Ichika touching her. Her reaction to the room change was priceless, and then still, Ichicka remained, remains, and will still continue to remain oblivious and unknowing of the world around him. Tsk tsk tsk.

I found the little snippet at the beginning featuring Ran and her brother to be also very funny. I’m amazed by how many girls fawn over Ichika—sorry, I lied. I’m not really amazed. I guess that’s to be expected for a harem show eh? Win.

We seem to have increased our IS-suits fanservice shots. Spornax is happy.


>Infinite Stratos Episode 4: Decisive Battle! The Class League Match


This was a particularly action-packed episode, which at the same time featured several important aspects of the IS lore continuum. Clearly the first thing that should come to mind whenever you see “featured” and “important” is the idea of a new trap…err, I meant girl, making an appearance. We’re 4 episodes into the series and every other showing so far has a new character introduction staged. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of preference, and I personally don’t find it boring nor uninteresting at all.

The great thing about
Infinite Stratos is the character detail. Not just in terms of physical style/appearance, but also in dialogue and attitude. Let’s take Ichika for example. His character is so amusing and appealing because he sticks to his guts (without the shounen connotation), while at same time maintaining to be level-headed. Of course on several occasions he might blow off some light steam, but he does not do it without a good reason (or a stupid one, yes, I won’t deny it). I personally find that any of his less attractive traits are easily compensated by the rest of the cast (glorification much?), Houki, Cecilia, Rin, Girl # 4, Girl # 5, etc. Chifuyu is in a whole different league.

Nevertheless, episode-wise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was not disappointed with how things turned out, and I can’t say anything that would really be an addition that’s required for an improvement. Well, maybe the CGs. I just never grew accustomed to those. At least for now…maybe.