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>K-ON! US Thoughts


Well the info that K-ON! is coming to the US has been out for a while but I want to say my  2 cents. Before I get too into it, I want to say I am pleased with this, most people always jump to the “anime only belongs in Japan” or “I don’t want to hear the dub, I won’t buy this” imedietly. Well guess what you don’t have to buy it, this is more for the people who actually want to own it. I for one will buy it.

Ok here’s where I have to be mean and subject you to this:

Ok let that sink in….   Back? Good. Yeah the dub doesn’t sound all that great right? For the people saying “The dub is terrible, I won’t buy this” thankfully there is this brand new feature that allows you to actually change the audio track on the fly! Crazy I know, technology has advanced so much. Alright  enough of me being a smart ass. I will probably struggle and listen to the dub one time and then never again.

As for releases, the vol 1 Bluray and DVD will come out 4/26/11. Wait volume 1, you mean they aren’t releasing it in a boxset? Yeah that’s right, vol 1 will contain eps 1-4 and will cost $25. I have already heard complaints about this fact, but for fucks sake the show is only 13 episodes it’s not going to cost much in the end. I’m not going to buy the dvd set but I will be getting the bluray.

Personally, I kind of like that they are going to only put 4 episodes on the disc.  The reason i like this is because since there will only be 4 episodes the quality can be higher. They won’t try to cram a bunch of episodes on the discs and make the beauty suffer.

Well that’s just my thoughts for now, what do you think?

>Top 5 Spring 2010 Anime

>Basically the title says it all. Click read more to view.  Oh yeah and Bonus Pic Time:

#1 Angel Beats

This was one show that I wasn’t quiet sure if I was going to pick up or not at first. I decided to eventaully and I am so glad I did. This was the highlight of the season for me, if you are going to pick up any show this is the one. Great characters they had well done backgrounds on certain characters that really make you feel for them.  A nice dose of comedy placed within without straying from the original concept.  Go watch.

#2 Working!

I picked this show up not expecting a whole lot, originally this was just a show that was going to be filler inbetween weeks for me. On the surface it looks like it is just your typical moeblob crap, but once you start watching it is geuinely funny.  Working has a great cast of characters that you will enjoy. Overall I believe you will find this show refreshing to watch.

#3 K-ON!!

Do I really need to go into much detail here? More of the same that we had seen from the first season and that’s a good thing.

#4 Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

Not really sure what to say about this one. I will make you laugh, I actually think the parts in which there is character building between the two main characters are the highlight of this series. You will either love it or hate it, but compared to the rest of the stuff airing it shines. I should also mention this show is still airing.

#5 Ichiban  Ushiro no Daimaou

This show is another funny show. It probably isn’t the show I would say GO WATCH NOW, but it is nonetheless entertaining. If you want to blast through something right now while you are waiting for a summer show to start up, this would be a good choice.

>K-ON! Houkago Live!!

>    I don’t even normally like rhythm games, but for something as cute and moe as K-ON, I can make an exception. Sure, I’ve wanted the Hatsune Miku PSP game, but when that came out I had no money, and as time went on, I just decided not to get it. The one good thing about rhythm games is that they probably require very little to no knowledge of Japanese to play.

   The recently released gameplay video shows it all:

    I wasn’t too interested in the anime. I loved it, but I never actually even finished the first season. Seeing this video makes me want to finish the anime and buy this game at the same time. But, knowing me… No matter how badly I want it, at around $65.00, I’ll never be able to bring my self to buy it. The game is set for release on September 30th on PSP.