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>    Apparently, there’s a new language so out there, that it’s… well, it’s pretty much useless nonsense. Nonetheless, some people have taken it upon themselves to dub an anime snippet of Kanamemo in this Queebel language and have proceeded to insert subtitles from a completely rewritten script. It’s actually very funny.(moronically funny) O_O

The uploader of the video describes it as such:

A dub done in Queebel, by my sister and I. There are subs to go along with it as well, but it is a complete re-write of the original script; such is the nature of Queebel.

    The uploader fails to mention that Queebel is pretty much a ‘language’ consisting of various sounds that are akin to that of clearing ones’ throat or grunting.

Watch it to the very end, it’s quite different and enjoyable.


>Honorable Mention: Kanamemo – 03


    Synopsis: In Kanamemo 03, in an attempt to get more newspaper subscribers, Kana practices her smile.
Kana’s original smile:

After practicing all day, the new and improved Kana:

    The best thing about this scene is when Kana actually says “Smile.” She says it in english and at just the right time to crack me up.