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>>.> Sorry?

>Yeah I’m late, it was my cousins bday and I was chillin with her, a few other cousins, her fiance, my uncle, and my sis. It was funny because we randomly all bumped into each other at Sonic cuz we all went there for the happy hour slushy time!!! The strawberry is the best xD

Anywhoo after the we were done being dumbfounded by the crazy luck of bumping into each other we talked about doing something later. We spent from around 3:45~ish to about 4:40 just sitting there and talking about crap and then we were like hey lets go bowling since its her bday. So we call up the place and they said at 8pm they will have unlimited bowling for $10 a person (yes that includes shoes and all) yeah we have great deals at this alley.

Basically we spent from 8-12 bowling and now I am exhausted. This is why you had no post for today err yesterday. So I’ll just leave you with this wonderful pic as a consolation prize.

>So Yeah

>Well I haven’t really posted lately so I thought I would give a random blah update. I have a few game reviews that I am almost ready to write, so look forward to those if that’s your thing. I have some various other things to put up as well but I haven’t gotten around to it yet, I’ve been running back and forth to several hospitals and such these last few days. It’s looking like my sis may have to get surgery so we are trying to find a good doctor and such. It’s nothing life-threatening but she is still in a lot of pain. I think I am mostly nervous about the surgery part, you never know what could happen, so I pray for the best.