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>Lucu Lucu Review


    Lucu Lucu is a story about Rokumon, a young lad from Japan who suddenly runs into a crazy situation. When he wakes up one morning, he finds two demons in his house and his father’s lifeless body in another room! But not to fear, one of the demons is Lucuha, a demon princess, and she says she’s come to the human world to make the world a better place. She goes out of her way to clean parks, help out at school fairs, and cooks for Rokumon.

    I never used to read manga all that much, but in the beginning of November, I suddenly got into manga. Lucu Lucu is the first Manga I’ve ever actually finished. Still, it took me about 15 days to finish all 90 chapters.

    The reason I like Lucu Lucu so much is because of the characters. Rokumon is a normal middle school kid, but you can always expect to find him in a strange situation. Lumiel is an angel who has come down to earth to keep an eye on the demons. Rokumon’s friend from school who is super obsessed over Lucuha. And there are many more.

    But my favorite character by far has got to be Lucuha. The way she was drawn is really refreshing and cool. You never see more than one of her eyes at any given time, and her loli loli body is a must see for any lolicons.

    Overall, the art style is really simple, yet clean and it really appeals to me. It is mostly this reason that I’ll be looking up other works by Asari Yoshitoo, the author. There is really little plot throughout the manga except for some chapters every now and again that focus on Rokumon’s lost memories, and the ending can be considered sort of “out there.” About halfway through the series, the manga gets a bit repetitive and much more ecchi, but it never loses its charm.

My rating: 8.5 / 10

I really enjoyed this series and felt sad when I finished it. I’m going to have to find more works by Asari Yoshitoo to fill the hole.