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>Kekkaishi [Anime Ended/Manga Ongoing]


This Manga, Kekkaishi is about a Junior High Student called Yoshimori Sumimura, and is known as a “Kekkaishi”; Demon-Hunters that excel in creating barriers around the demons, then destroying, or capturing them. At Night, Yoshimori has to take on his task as a Kekkaishi defeat/exterminate those demons crowding around his school. During the day, he has his own demons to battle, which is his grumpy grandfather and his addiction to sweets. His neighbour, and childhood friend Tokine Yukimura, which is another practitioner of the way of the Kekkai. Their two families are battling over who are the true practitioners.
Alright, being honest here, I know myself that this summary isn’t as captivating as the others, however I simply can’t think of any other way to summarize it due to the spoiler issues, and I dislike spoiling other people before they even start reading/watching the manga/anime.

Anyway, forgetting that, this manga, Kekkaishi, has actually been a consistent manga all through out, where they progress in the story with the same kind of feeling all over, however when they reach to the rising action towards the climax, it is extremely interesting, to the extent that i couldn’t stop reading until I finished that ark (i think it was almost 4 in the mourning =x. NOTE: Don’t follow my example!) It is also very interesting due to the facts that they don’t all stay the same from each battle, as in most common battle mangas, and they do not have cliche things like you would expect in a typical battle manga (ARGH I CAN’T SPOIL AGAIN!)

I personally rate this manga 9.5/10 due to the fact that if there is any romance in this, it has been quite subtle and didn’t really give me the full feeling as to what I have expected from a battle manga like this. Other than the subtle romance that is in this, I definitely recommend you guys check it out, and if it weren’t for the romance problem I would have probably left it as 10/10, oh well. This manga has a 51 anime series if you wanted to know, and the manga is still ongoing, and yes I am following it for those who wanted to know 🙂


>Ao no Exorcist [Ongoing Manga] [Review]


Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) is set in the world Assiah, in which all humans live in. The dimension that they live in has another seperate world, Gehanna, in which all the demons live in. Normally, contact between the two is impossible, and also travelling between the two is not possible. However, the demons are able to pass through to the world Assiah by possessing anything already inside Assiah. Satan, the god of all demons, has only one thing he doesn’t have, a human container that can hold him inside. For this purpose in search for a container, Satan has a human wife, in which he had a son, called Okumura Rin born to be his container. But will his son, Okumura Rin give into the desires of Satan? Or will he choose a seperate path and go against his father, Satan?

Alright, incase all of you that wanted to know, yes this manga is going to be an anime starting from next season, and apparently GG fansubs are taking this up.

Anyways, this story is extremely interesting, many battles with quite intriguing detail which drew me into reading this manga. The overall plot so far (it’s ongoing people!) has been extremely interesting, especially since the latest chapters have begun in a new arc already. This manga overall has arcs to introduce different things, such as Rin’s growth, friends and etc.

If you people are out there, looking for a interesting action, adventure and a fantasy manga, this is definitely on the top of my list to recommend to you all. Especially since most manga’s about demons are either love stories, or something not very intriguing excluding a few other series which i dont’t think i would name. Lastly, this manga has a pretty high rating overall, as for it has gone one for quite long in the JUMP manga publishers.

My rating 10/10 I thought perhaps if i tried it, i might actually have stepped on something incredible. Thus i had flipped through the first few pages(well probably scrolled because I read it online >_>), and was suddenly engrossed in it, because i kept wondering what would happen next, and this happens quite rarely for me especially when i find a manga about demons, because most of the time i hear its about a demon, its probably a love story, thus im reluctant to read some demon love mangas to be honest with you all. Well if you guys seriously want something to read, please make sure you read this.