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>Another Trip to Sanseido


Yep, I went back. This was my third trip to Mitsuwa and Sanseido. I’m kinda ashamed because of how much crap I end up walking away with, but at the same time, I’m satisfied. So then, let’s take a look at what we got here…

World Only God Knows Volumes 7, 8, and 9: This will pair well with my 4 and 5 volumes. God Only Knows is a great manga to read anywhere because it’s got the furigana alongside kanji and because there are pretty much no ecchi scenes. Family friendly goodness.

Minami-ke Volume 1: Bought this on a whim. Bad idea I guess, because when I opened it up after I got home… No furigana! Oh well… When I level up my kanji skills some more I’ll be able to read it.

Super Dreadnought Girl Volume 1: Bought this on a whim as well. It does have furigana, so I’ll read it when I have some free time.

And my favorite purchase,
He is My Master Volumes 3 and 4!!!: When I saw them I grabbed them immediately. Unfortunately, volumes 3 and 4 were the only ones in stock. I love He is My Master so much, and if you know me at all, I’m sure you’ve alread heard me say 1000 times how much I love Mitsuki.

Unfortunately, the manga I wanted most, Yumekui Merry, was nowhere to be found. I asked the clerk and he said they didn’t have it. So that was a dissapointment, but finding the He is My Master manga made me happy.

Lastly, I bought the April issue of Megami magazine. I wasn’t planning on buying any magazines this time because I only buy them for the picture and the posters, but the Madoka cover caught my eye.


>Kekkaishi [Anime Ended/Manga Ongoing]


This Manga, Kekkaishi is about a Junior High Student called Yoshimori Sumimura, and is known as a “Kekkaishi”; Demon-Hunters that excel in creating barriers around the demons, then destroying, or capturing them. At Night, Yoshimori has to take on his task as a Kekkaishi defeat/exterminate those demons crowding around his school. During the day, he has his own demons to battle, which is his grumpy grandfather and his addiction to sweets. His neighbour, and childhood friend Tokine Yukimura, which is another practitioner of the way of the Kekkai. Their two families are battling over who are the true practitioners.
Alright, being honest here, I know myself that this summary isn’t as captivating as the others, however I simply can’t think of any other way to summarize it due to the spoiler issues, and I dislike spoiling other people before they even start reading/watching the manga/anime.

Anyway, forgetting that, this manga, Kekkaishi, has actually been a consistent manga all through out, where they progress in the story with the same kind of feeling all over, however when they reach to the rising action towards the climax, it is extremely interesting, to the extent that i couldn’t stop reading until I finished that ark (i think it was almost 4 in the mourning =x. NOTE: Don’t follow my example!) It is also very interesting due to the facts that they don’t all stay the same from each battle, as in most common battle mangas, and they do not have cliche things like you would expect in a typical battle manga (ARGH I CAN’T SPOIL AGAIN!)

I personally rate this manga 9.5/10 due to the fact that if there is any romance in this, it has been quite subtle and didn’t really give me the full feeling as to what I have expected from a battle manga like this. Other than the subtle romance that is in this, I definitely recommend you guys check it out, and if it weren’t for the romance problem I would have probably left it as 10/10, oh well. This manga has a 51 anime series if you wanted to know, and the manga is still ongoing, and yes I am following it for those who wanted to know 🙂

>Deadman Wonderland [Ongoing Manga/ Anime coming out this season]


Deadman Wonderland is a manga that is about a boy called Ganta, one day all of his classmates are killed with him being the sole survivor. Suspicious enough as it is, since he is the sole survivor he is convicted of the crime of murdering all his classmates, thus sentenced to the bizarre prison known as ‘Deadman Wonderland’. In this prison, the prisoners are set out to fight for survival, while this happens Ganta needs to find out the identity of the murderer that murdered his classmates. Will Ganta be able to survive in this prison..? Or will he succumb to the prisons methods?

If you guys wanted to know, if i’m not wrong, this anime is airing on the 17th of April,  i’m not sure who is going to sub it yet, however I honestly recommend you guys to check out the manga or just follow the manga, it is really intense and traps you in it’s pace.

Alright, down to the real stuff, this manga is so action packed and filled with twists to the point that I actually really lose track of time, and actually get excited to continue reading about what happens next, especially since how the events turn out in this manga ( I can’t say what I really want to say since it would be spoilers boohoo ).

My rating of this manga would be 10/10 because of its continuous plot twisting events, and also battles that are so dramatic and action packed that it kind of sucks me into it, and I can’t seem to be able to stop reading until I read it to the latest chapter or till the end of the battle. This manga is also very intriguing in the way that I have not seen many manga up till now about a boy that is convicted for a murder and looks for survival or something close to this, this uniqueness I should say dragged me in, and perhaps maybe you guys too. I definitely hope you guys either pick up the anime and follow it since it’s coming out soon, or just have a read of the first few chapters of the manga and see if you like it.

>Ao no Exorcist [Ongoing Manga] [Review]


Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) is set in the world Assiah, in which all humans live in. The dimension that they live in has another seperate world, Gehanna, in which all the demons live in. Normally, contact between the two is impossible, and also travelling between the two is not possible. However, the demons are able to pass through to the world Assiah by possessing anything already inside Assiah. Satan, the god of all demons, has only one thing he doesn’t have, a human container that can hold him inside. For this purpose in search for a container, Satan has a human wife, in which he had a son, called Okumura Rin born to be his container. But will his son, Okumura Rin give into the desires of Satan? Or will he choose a seperate path and go against his father, Satan?

Alright, incase all of you that wanted to know, yes this manga is going to be an anime starting from next season, and apparently GG fansubs are taking this up.

Anyways, this story is extremely interesting, many battles with quite intriguing detail which drew me into reading this manga. The overall plot so far (it’s ongoing people!) has been extremely interesting, especially since the latest chapters have begun in a new arc already. This manga overall has arcs to introduce different things, such as Rin’s growth, friends and etc.

If you people are out there, looking for a interesting action, adventure and a fantasy manga, this is definitely on the top of my list to recommend to you all. Especially since most manga’s about demons are either love stories, or something not very intriguing excluding a few other series which i dont’t think i would name. Lastly, this manga has a pretty high rating overall, as for it has gone one for quite long in the JUMP manga publishers.

My rating 10/10 I thought perhaps if i tried it, i might actually have stepped on something incredible. Thus i had flipped through the first few pages(well probably scrolled because I read it online >_>), and was suddenly engrossed in it, because i kept wondering what would happen next, and this happens quite rarely for me especially when i find a manga about demons, because most of the time i hear its about a demon, its probably a love story, thus im reluctant to read some demon love mangas to be honest with you all. Well if you guys seriously want something to read, please make sure you read this.

>Nurarihyon no Mago [Anime/Manga] Review


Nurarihyon no Mago, is a manga, about a boy, called Nura Rikuo. He is a quarter demon (yokai) and half human, Rikuo has the ability to change into his demon form only after the sun has set, this is because he is a quarter demon. He lives in a house filled with spirits,demons along with his grandfather. He tries desperately to escape from his duties as a demon, and trying not to fulfill the duties his grandfather wanted to place upon him, which is taking over the Nura clan.

However, Rikuo is a different type of demon, not only because he is a quarter demon, but the fact that he helps humans. Eventually he had come to accepting his demon blood, thus taking up the title of Young head of the Nura clan. Now Rikuo has to gather his Hyakki Yakko (Night parade of One hundred demons) to follow him, as he defends the Nura clan from various attacks from different clans.
Alright, This manga was originally a oneshot, incase you guys may have strolled across something similar to the synopsis stated above. This manga has incredible artwork, and you can see a bit of the details put into the artwork from the picture above. The plot is quite intense, but at the same time they give you time to breath, before they dive into another arc.

The arcs in this story are full of events, all linked up, leaving each chapter to have a cliff-hanging ending before the end of the arc. The anime, which follows the manga has a few parts that are a filler, but mostly following the manga. The anime only shows up to chapter 1 all the way till chapter 47, i’m not completely sure if it follows the manga 100%, but the plot is followed.

If you guys are reluctant to read it, try watching the anime, the first few episodes, and if you like it you should continue all the way, and if you want more, you can begin reading the manga at chapter 47 after you finish the anime. But if in any case you do forget the story you could always reread from the start :).

My rating : 10/10 The plot of this story is really interesting, to the point when i began reading i was thoroughly engrossed and could read for about an hour or two before realizing how much time had past. The artwork is incredibly detailed to a certain point, which makes things clearer, as the demons have to have some kind of thing that differentiates them from the humans. Lastly, the artwork had to be very accurate, to not make the pages confusing especially if a demon uses their skills/powers, which could make the reader confused, but does not occur through the manga nor anime. I definitely would say you have a read at this, no matter what your preferences are, because i feel that this is a general manga/anime people would enjoy, especially if they like Action genre anime/mangas

>Mx0 (エムxゼロ) manga [Review]


Mx0 or known as エムxゼロ is a manga that revolves around a boy, called Kuzumi Taiga. He is a hot tempered boy, and also is strong in fights. When interviewed for joining Seinagi Private High School, he is asked a question, “If you could use magic, what would you use it for?” He replied “Conquer the World.”

This made the other applicants burst out in laughter, then a girl, Hiiragi Aika, a cute girl that was sitting beside him, realized how rude it was of her to laugh at him thus apologizes to him with his hands in hers. He desperately tries to get into Seinagi Private High School to have a change to talk with this girl. But little did he know that Seinagi Private High School was a school focusing on teaching magic, and that he had no magic capabilities….

Alright, that’s the basic synopsis of the first few pages in the first chapter, if you like it I definitely recommend you read the series, because it is very interesting, to the point that i had re read it again recently. Other than the rushed down ending, because i think this series might have been forced to stop, or other reasons, this manga is a really good manga. The relationships of the characters are deepened all throughout the manga, which is one of the several reasons why i really liked this manga.

The artwork of this manga is quite nice, as it was made in 2006, especially the details later on in the manga. If you guys like a magic and fantasy manga, I am sure that this should be able to fit to your preferences. There are quite a few comedy acts within this manga, so it is not all serious and tense all throughout the manga. Also, if you think you might not like this manga, i seriously ask you to try the first chapter atleast, before just walking away from this manga.

My Rating : 9.5/10 : Fantastic artwork, plot and also how the story was laid out. It had attracted me to read it all the way through out just from touching the first chapter (not really touching, but having a glimpse at.). If you guys are looking for an interesting manga to read, this is definitely the right pick for you, especially if your preferences fit mine i would say.