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>Marvel Vs Capcom 3 [XBOX360/PS3] [Review]

First post, one of my favourite fighting games ever, and probably will be the best fighting game for me this year, unless a stunner would appear. I have been tracking down this game for the past two months, as you should be able to tell, i’m a huge marvel vs capcom fan, and I have been basically engrossed with this new unique fighting style. Before continuing on with my rants, this game is set with 36 characters, not including DLC characters, and have characters from both Marvel and Capcom sides (Marvel vs Capcom ). The characters are ranging from groups, like Street Fighter, Dark Stalkers, X-Men, Iron Man, Spider Man, Devil May Cry, Mega Man (Featuring zero this time!), Hulk and many more.

Gameplay: This game is a fighting game, where the player is allowed to choose a team consisting of 3 characters, and can be from either the Marvel or Capcom side, maybe a mix, maybe just from one side, fully up to the player. Marvel vs Capcom 3’s gameplay is set to be a fast motion action fighting game, where the players are enabled with high speed attacking moves, depending on the character, and are enabled to knock back, launch, and simple attacks such as punches and kicks.

Controls: The control layout in this game is divided into two compartments, the “Normal” controls and the “Simple” controls. The normal controls, as stated in it’s name, is the ordinary fighting style, something similar to street fighter, especially for the direction movements. The attacks are split into 3 buttons, the square, circle, triangle, in those 3, the kicks and punches are set to come out naturally. They have a launch button, which enables to hit the person up into air with pressing the button x (these controls are for PS3, Sorry to you 360 players =x). The “Simple” controls are the movements set into pressing just a button, allowing it to be much more convenient to players that are new to the game.

Deeper Details : In this games, certain players are enabled to hover/fly, but for a certain period of time(we can’t have people flying all game long to waste time and get a win from that now can we?). The combos are quite simple, especially since there is a mission mode, which will be in deeper detail later on this post. The guarding in this game is quite complex, as there is a normal guard, where as normal fighting games you just hold back, crouch back or jump back depending on where the other player decides to hit you on. There is an additional guard, called “Advancing Guard”, this appears when the player presses two attack buttons simultaneously, this reduces the chip damage received to the player greatly depending on how fast the player presses it. Lastly there is the newly introduced mode, which is the X Factor mode, this is activated from pressing all the attack buttons simultaneously, this mode makes the player’s current character or sub character to heal faster(if they are still alive and have a red bar on their hp to regenerate.) and also deal a lot more damage. This is usually used for cancelling hyper combos (can be read up on attack buttons later.) and do it again for additional damage.

Lastly, there are two buttons to change opt out to the sub characters, where if you press them they would come out to give an assist attack, which can be chosen at the start of the select screen when you pick the player. The buttons are L1 and R1 on the PS3 controller, and to change out to them you have to hold them. I feel that i might go on too long, the rest can be checked in the marvel vs capcom 3 guidebook/hand book/booklet inside the case and the inside the game itself.

Characters: As already described, Marvel and Capcom characters only, a huge variety from games, 4 characters to be unlocked from gaining player points.

Mission Mode: Alright, the main knitty gritty of this game i would suppose, in this mode, it is exactly the same as Street Fighter’s Trials, the game would give you a list of moves, to execute together, before having the mission cleared. If you are stuck on the moves, hit start then clcik on mission objectives, where they would show the buttons and the movements to do the hits/combo/attacks.

Training Mode: Self-explanatory

Online Mode: This mode is extremely fun, but that also depends on whether you can win or not i would suppose, if you are a beginner, i would recommend getting a few buds and playing the player lobby, where it isn’t recorded onto the player’s license plate in the game.

Attack Buttons : As mentioned, the moves aren’t that complex for normal control settings, to pull of hyper combos , it usually is just holding the analog down and sliding it forward then pressing two attack buttons, or the other direction. This is shown within the marvel vs capcom 3 guide booklet and also the game, when you hit start then go to controls.
Audio : A different theme song that is played during the game/match, the theme song changes depending on the character that is subbed in with lower hp and etc. Overall, the theme songs sound great along with the BGM.

Voices : Alright I daresay, Capcom characters have the option to change their voices to japanese so feel free to change them.

My Point of View: If you guys are in for a fast paced fighting game, this is definitely the game that you should be looking out for, and i also must say that this game is addictive as long as you find it fun, but at the end of the day it is all up to your preferences.

Overall Rating: 10/10 Awesome – Best fighting game on par with blazblue IMO, fast paced action fighting game, what else could i ask for? If you love fighting games, please make sure you have a try at Marvel vs Capcom 3