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>Mirai Nikki Review


    Mirai Nikki is a tale following the lives of the future diary holders who compete to become God. Deus, the current god of time, is slowly dying. To choose a proper replacement for him, he holds a competition between 12 different people. To each person, he gives a future diary, each with it’s own distinct methods of future prediction. The last living future diary holder gains the right to succeed Deus.

    The two main characters are Yukki and Yuno. Yukki can best be described as a crybaby; he is constantly getting teary eyed, but I really fell in love with him for that reason. He constantly had to rely on Yuno, his crazy stalker, throughout the story to save him from tough situations. Yuno, as I just mentioned, is a crazy stalker. She also happens to be super yandere and psychotic.

   The manga starts out very innocent. Yukki is going about his life. He comments about how he has no friends and how there is a God named Deus that exists within his mind. Because he is always alone, he has taken up a hobby of recording everything that happens aroind him into his cell phone diary. Normal stuff. Well, one day, he finds that his cell phone has become a future diary and he is suddenly thrown into a battle to become God. As the story progresses, it gets very dark, with more and more blood and gore being shown and crazy plot twists to keep the story interesting and addicting.

   My opinion of this manga? It is fantastic! I really don’t have any complaints at all. The pacing was smooth, the characters were interesting and lovable, and it was overall the most in depth manga I’ve read to date.

   My favorite character is Uryuu Minene. From the first moment when she appeared in that whack dress and announced herself as a terrorist bomber, I could tell she was destined for awesomeness. I mean, did you see her teeth? She has teeth like a psycho shark. It’s awesome! But, this girl sure did take a lot of damage throughout the story; from being stabbed in the eye to getting her arm blown clean off. And after all of this, she never gives up. She keeps moving with that crazy smile. I found her to be the nicest and most sensible character in the whole manga.

My Rating: 10/10

    Yes, ten out of ten. It really is a great read. It should not be passed up. Take some time to read it and then come back here and comment. I’ll be waiting.