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>Mx0 (エムxゼロ) manga [Review]


Mx0 or known as エムxゼロ is a manga that revolves around a boy, called Kuzumi Taiga. He is a hot tempered boy, and also is strong in fights. When interviewed for joining Seinagi Private High School, he is asked a question, “If you could use magic, what would you use it for?” He replied “Conquer the World.”

This made the other applicants burst out in laughter, then a girl, Hiiragi Aika, a cute girl that was sitting beside him, realized how rude it was of her to laugh at him thus apologizes to him with his hands in hers. He desperately tries to get into Seinagi Private High School to have a change to talk with this girl. But little did he know that Seinagi Private High School was a school focusing on teaching magic, and that he had no magic capabilities….

Alright, that’s the basic synopsis of the first few pages in the first chapter, if you like it I definitely recommend you read the series, because it is very interesting, to the point that i had re read it again recently. Other than the rushed down ending, because i think this series might have been forced to stop, or other reasons, this manga is a really good manga. The relationships of the characters are deepened all throughout the manga, which is one of the several reasons why i really liked this manga.

The artwork of this manga is quite nice, as it was made in 2006, especially the details later on in the manga. If you guys like a magic and fantasy manga, I am sure that this should be able to fit to your preferences. There are quite a few comedy acts within this manga, so it is not all serious and tense all throughout the manga. Also, if you think you might not like this manga, i seriously ask you to try the first chapter atleast, before just walking away from this manga.

My Rating : 9.5/10 : Fantastic artwork, plot and also how the story was laid out. It had attracted me to read it all the way through out just from touching the first chapter (not really touching, but having a glimpse at.). If you guys are looking for an interesting manga to read, this is definitely the right pick for you, especially if your preferences fit mine i would say.