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>So What Now?

>I actually drew something today, it was the first in about a year. I gave up spectacularly about halfway through >.>  I guess I fail. I mean I didn’t even get around to making the parts I finished look not as rough. Oh well, I wouldn’t call it my finest piece anyways.  Oh yeah, and when I say the first in almost a year, I mean my first REAL drawing, I screw around drawing chibi blobs all the time but those don’t count.

Hell I even started drawing a few pages of 4koma but alas I also gave up midway. As soon as something doesn’t look right I get frustrated and say to hell with this!!

On another note, I think I am going to stop being lazy and maybe post something worthwhile one of these days. Since my lil vacation I have become somewhat lazy. This place has felt somewhat dead recently, but in reality we have already posted a bunch of stuff this month.  I guess I only feel that way because I haven’t been hanging out on here as much as before I went on my trip.

What else, what else, I must fill up more space.

Give me a subject, I shall make a 4koma out of it. Not to steal Onion’s thunder or anything, I am just a very bored person right now.

Shalala Shalala Shalala Shalalalicooooo!!!

Panda where the hell are you? I am going to have to send poachers after your ass.

Well I guess it’s about time to wrap things up. For those who are lazy here is the tl;dr version:  drawing failed, I am lazy, suggestions, 4koma yatta yatta yatta.

Oh and if you are looking for anime to watch this season I suggest:  Ookami-san, Seitokai Yakuindomo, and Seikimatsu Occult  Gakuin.