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>Nurarihyon no Mago [Anime/Manga] Review


Nurarihyon no Mago, is a manga, about a boy, called Nura Rikuo. He is a quarter demon (yokai) and half human, Rikuo has the ability to change into his demon form only after the sun has set, this is because he is a quarter demon. He lives in a house filled with spirits,demons along with his grandfather. He tries desperately to escape from his duties as a demon, and trying not to fulfill the duties his grandfather wanted to place upon him, which is taking over the Nura clan.

However, Rikuo is a different type of demon, not only because he is a quarter demon, but the fact that he helps humans. Eventually he had come to accepting his demon blood, thus taking up the title of Young head of the Nura clan. Now Rikuo has to gather his Hyakki Yakko (Night parade of One hundred demons) to follow him, as he defends the Nura clan from various attacks from different clans.
Alright, This manga was originally a oneshot, incase you guys may have strolled across something similar to the synopsis stated above. This manga has incredible artwork, and you can see a bit of the details put into the artwork from the picture above. The plot is quite intense, but at the same time they give you time to breath, before they dive into another arc.

The arcs in this story are full of events, all linked up, leaving each chapter to have a cliff-hanging ending before the end of the arc. The anime, which follows the manga has a few parts that are a filler, but mostly following the manga. The anime only shows up to chapter 1 all the way till chapter 47, i’m not completely sure if it follows the manga 100%, but the plot is followed.

If you guys are reluctant to read it, try watching the anime, the first few episodes, and if you like it you should continue all the way, and if you want more, you can begin reading the manga at chapter 47 after you finish the anime. But if in any case you do forget the story you could always reread from the start :).

My rating : 10/10 The plot of this story is really interesting, to the point when i began reading i was thoroughly engrossed and could read for about an hour or two before realizing how much time had past. The artwork is incredibly detailed to a certain point, which makes things clearer, as the demons have to have some kind of thing that differentiates them from the humans. Lastly, the artwork had to be very accurate, to not make the pages confusing especially if a demon uses their skills/powers, which could make the reader confused, but does not occur through the manga nor anime. I definitely would say you have a read at this, no matter what your preferences are, because i feel that this is a general manga/anime people would enjoy, especially if they like Action genre anime/mangas