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>Tondemonai Fansubs: Lotte no Omocha 03


I worked my butt off to do these subs. Be supportive and download it! It’ll make me feel better. T__T Shiku shiku shuki~


>Tondemonai Fansubs: Lotte no Omocha 02


Yay! Finally a timely release. If you were unaware, my goal for Lotte is to have each episode translation done and released before the next episode releases. And so far we’ve stuck with it, excluding the first episode because of delays! But, yep! Here’s Astarotte no Omocha episode 02. Head over to Tondemonai Fansubs for the torrents or direct download links.

>Another Trip to Sanseido


Yep, I went back. This was my third trip to Mitsuwa and Sanseido. I’m kinda ashamed because of how much crap I end up walking away with, but at the same time, I’m satisfied. So then, let’s take a look at what we got here…

World Only God Knows Volumes 7, 8, and 9: This will pair well with my 4 and 5 volumes. God Only Knows is a great manga to read anywhere because it’s got the furigana alongside kanji and because there are pretty much no ecchi scenes. Family friendly goodness.

Minami-ke Volume 1: Bought this on a whim. Bad idea I guess, because when I opened it up after I got home… No furigana! Oh well… When I level up my kanji skills some more I’ll be able to read it.

Super Dreadnought Girl Volume 1: Bought this on a whim as well. It does have furigana, so I’ll read it when I have some free time.

And my favorite purchase,
He is My Master Volumes 3 and 4!!!: When I saw them I grabbed them immediately. Unfortunately, volumes 3 and 4 were the only ones in stock. I love He is My Master so much, and if you know me at all, I’m sure you’ve alread heard me say 1000 times how much I love Mitsuki.

Unfortunately, the manga I wanted most, Yumekui Merry, was nowhere to be found. I asked the clerk and he said they didn’t have it. So that was a dissapointment, but finding the He is My Master manga made me happy.

Lastly, I bought the April issue of Megami magazine. I wasn’t planning on buying any magazines this time because I only buy them for the picture and the posters, but the Madoka cover caught my eye.

>Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak


Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak, or H4, is a game made for only the manliest of men. This game has puzzles that rival that of Zelda. It has characters with an amount of depth that rivals Tales of Vesperia. It has a plot with an intensity to rival Valkyria Chronicles. Seriously.

I went ahead and tracked this down at a Gamestop a few miles from my house and went ahead and bought it. (And three other Gameboy Advance games because Gamestop is having a “buy 2 get 2 free” promotion.) My sister has this game too; I bought this game so that we can play together over summer break to see who can beat the game first. It’s gonna be fun.

>Tondemonai Fansubs: Lotte no Omocha 01


This picture REALLY makes you wonder.

Yep, we finally released episode 1! A little off schedule because the karaoke took time. Tondemonai always goes for quality over speed. Lotte no Omocha is my first “official translation.” I say that because although Kirumin was a normal airing anime, it had mostly children in it, and thus I have deemed it a “children’s translation.” Lotte no Omocha on the other hand is a much more mainstream show with big words and confusing sentences. Nevertheless, the Tonde team worked their buts off to release this, so go and download it at the Tondemonai Website and enjoy!

>ChiiKaku 02


Ahoge, Ponytail, Blushing, Snow
(for more help with keywords, check the growing glossary at the bottom of this page)
   April 30, 2011 at 11:59pm

Submissions received for ChiiKaku 02 – 0

Just to remind anyone who may have forgotten, ChiiKaku is our version of a drawing competition.

In ChiiKaku, the main goal is for you, the artist, to submit a drawing that follows all of the criteria for that particular competition. These criteria are most usually the keywords. ChiiKaku is all about the keywords(themes). For every competition, an amount of keywords will be revealed at the start of the competition. Each of the keywords must be incorporated into the drawing in some way. For instance, if one of the keywords is ribbon, then a ribbon should be incorporated into your drawing. If one or more keywords are not incorporated into the drawing, then your drawing will not be accepted.

Submissions should be sent to the Atv-Oni-Ota e-mail before the deadline. Our e-mail is Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline. Please include “ChiiKaku” or “atv-oni-ota” in the e-mail header. If something to identify the e-mail is not present, odds are high that it will be ignored.

After the deadline is over, a new post will be made featuring the candidate drawings in anonymous fashion. There will then be a voting period that will run for a number of days. After the polls close, the winner is decided and he or she will forever be preserved in the ChiiKaku Winner’s Gallery.

So that’s really it for the rules. I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s why we have the About ChiKaku page. Go check out that page for more information about ChiiKaku.