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>A Bit of Fan Art!


Just as the title of the post says! It’s a bit of fan art. I’m not going to reveal what it’s from, so if anyone wants to take a guess as to what this might be from, please, please, do so! I’ll let you know if you get it wrong. And if you happen to get it right, I’ll give you a tomato. And don’t hate the tomato… It’s will is so strong, it’s name can be said 2 different ways.

Some more info about this drawing: I showed my mom and my sister. My mom laughed and my sister said the feet looked like blocks. Aren’t they encouraging? Anyway… Make sure you vote in this freaking POLL!!! Thanks.


>Atv X Oni Showdown!!

>    Welcome everyone to the very first Atv X Oni Showdown!! Let me explain the rules. Quite simply, this is a drawing session between Atvrcr and I with a common theme to link both drawings. Step 1 – Before we start drawing, we each throw out keywords that must be included in the drawing. Step 2 – We establish a set time limit to ensure a fair showdown. Step 3 – We draw in an epic battle of wits, stamina, and genius.

    This is the very first time we’ve done this, and we’ve yet to establish much besides the rules I’ve just described. I actually found it to be quite exhilarating toward the end when I was running out of time to finish. Anyway, here’s the down low.

Atv X Oni Showdown!!
Time Limit: 1 hour
Keywords: Nekomimi, Ribbon, Stockings, Tie

>A Short Manga


    Well, hello there everyone!! Finally my piece of art is completed! I’ve been working on this for over a week and put who knows how many hours into this. It is a short 9 page manga. I really worked hard on this, and I hope you’re able to see that. Please, read it and comment about whatever you’re feeling. Thanks!

    Also, just because I have no better way to upload them, and because I want you to view these images in the best possible method that I have available, I’m only giving the links to the images. Make sure you click them all in order ^__^

01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 –
08 –
09 –

>Onion’s Weekly Art Gallery 16


    Another gallery?! In the same week!? Yes! Well not really. The last gallery was from 2 weeks ago. This gallery is thus 1 week old. I’m just trying to catch up. In fact, I probably won’t even be posting the gallery that is supposed to be posted this week. Oh well. Anyway, I’ve got some nice drawings here. Check ’em out!

Sunday 10/10/10 :

I know right?! It’s 10/10/10… And this is the best I can do? Clothes inspired by Yutori-chan.

Monday 10/11/10 :

A loli who got wet. She may have been caught in the rain. She may have gotten sprayed with a hose. She may have just crossed the Atlantic in a submarine. All we DO know is that she is sopping wet.

Sunday 10/3/10 :

I’m most proud of this drawing. I took me an hour, which is typical, but I’ve never tried a pose so daring. I know it may be hard to tell because I’m not the best artist so I’ll describe it. It’s a loli bent over and we can see her face through her legs. If you are totally ignoring my galleries and have chosen to comment only once in your entire life, then please comment on this drawing. I’d like to hear your opinions.

Sunday 10/3/10 :

A maid loli in stiff clothes and with stiff hair and bad shoes. COMMENT

Sunday 10/3/10 :

The same loli maid with twin tails.

As Always,
~(‘o’~) Thanks for viewing! Comment, and visit next week! (~’o’)~

>Onion’s Weekly Art Gallery 15


    This is going to be a bit of a lazy gallery. First of all it’s 2 weeks late. It’s late because I’ve been lazy. Normally, uploading one of my galleries takes me like 40 minutes. But this lazy gallery has only taken me about 20. Please enjoy!

Sunday 10/3/10 :

Here she is! My one and only spinning loli! Watch her spin as your eyes get dizzy with dizzy dizzyness!

Monday 10/4/10 :

Ahem… Here we have a loli with an axe. my brother seemed to like this one.

Tuesday 10/5/10 :

I drew this loli extra large. Extra large doesn’t mean better, apparently.

Wednesday 10/7/10 :

And here we have it. One of my best lolis ever. This is, officially named, DIVING LOLI!!! Enjoy her presence.

As Always,
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>Onion’s Weekly Art Gallery 14


    Sorry I’m running a week late again! This gallery is from a week ago… I know, I apologize. You couldn’t survive without my drawings? Umu… Anyway, I ran out of paper in my small notebooks, and had to use the remaining sheets in my giant notebook which makes scanning close to impossible. Enjoy!

    A cute loli with longish hair that has a cute bit of curling at the tips. I tried to make it look like she is standing on the tips of her shoes to wave to someone. Can someone please comment on this? Did you notice the tippy toes?

    This is the same loli, obviously, but with a cool hat on!

    Monday… Haah~ This is where I switched to the giant notebook. I don’t particularly like this drawing.

    For this drawing, I wanted to make a loli in a swimsuit that was a bit more… different I guess? To add to the illusion of plausibility, I gave her a tube in one hand. In the other hand, I gave her an onion.

    This could very well be a loli at a sleepover! In nothing but a giant T-shirt! Her expression is thus, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, heh heh…”

As Always,
~(‘o’~) Thanks for viewing! Comment, and visit next week! (~’o’)~

>My Drawing Space


    Hello everyone. I thought I’d share with you some pictures of my drawing space. I just think this may be a fun thing to do and that’s really the only reason I’m doing this. For my 15th birthday, I wanted a desk and my parents bought me this when I saw it in a store one day. It is my most used present ever because I draw at least a few times a week.

   So, in this post, I’ll just give you a little tour of the extremely messy corner of my room that houses my drawing desk. Let’s get started!

    Here is a full picture of my desk. In this picture, you can fully take in the messyness. Please note the air conditioner that is unable to point air in the direction of my seat, along with the many random papers hanging from the walls. Also, keep in mind that my room is in the attic.

    This is the space to the left of my desk, on the floor, under the air conditioner. Here you can see some random notebooks along with a magazine, and the giant Christmas countdown anime posters I made this past Christmas.

    This tray hangs on the left side of my desk and it holds lots of my supplies. Featured here are my french curve templates, inking supplies, markers, tracing paper drawings, erasers, and multiple other writing utensils. Most of this stuff is rarely used, actually. I use my metal ruler and my white eraser most.

    Here are the tracing paper drawings that are int he tray. Just random things, really.

    This here is the back wall directly behind my desk. Multiple drawings are seen here, including some yon-koma, one page manga, and more tracing paper drawings.

    A closeup of the left side of the last picture shows us this. I made this when I was first learning Kana. Ha ha ha, I wrote ‘daisuki’ by combining hiragana and katakana unknowingly at the time.

    To the left wall of my desk is some more artwork and a Shana card from my Kagami TCG that I had cut up, felt bad for, and proceeded to tape back together and stick to my wall. ‘_’; To the left of all of this is my closet.

    To the right wall of my desk, I have some more hanging art for no reason, a picture from Pani Poni Dash, and a wish list that is extremely outdated.

    Here is a closeup of the last pic.

    This is the lower right corner of my desk, which contains scraps from today’s paper cutting. I am actually in the process of making a new card game and I didn’t throw these scraps away yet. Also pictured is my pencil that I use to draw all of my art with.

    Here is the top right corner of my desk. Featured here is a stack of stuff. It shall be dissected momentarily. I never use that pencil sharpener. It isn’t even plugged in, but it’s been there for so long that it’d be wrong to remove it.

    In this pile we have a gigantic manga compilation book that I bought from J-list the past year. This book isn’t normally here, I just brought it over the other day to try and practice Kanji.

    Within the pile I have multiple drawing-ish teaching-ish books. The shoujou characters has lots of cute things in it so its nice for reference. And the other book, Sketching Manga Style, is the best drawing tutorials book I own. I have volumes 1 and 2 , but I think there are actually 4 or more. In addition to these things is my amazing circle template. I use it for every drawing I make. I also have Yotsubato Volume 1 and a volume of Ichigo Mashimaro too for some reason.

    This’d be the top left of my desk which holds a considerably larger pile of things. I will split this portion of the desk into a left and right.

    On the right, I have my Kanji books, and my notebook where I practice writing all kana and kanji I learn. I also have my Brigade cards here.

    Under those things were about 4 more notebooks that are all filler with art from the past.

    Even further down than that, I have an old composition notebook, some random drawings, and ideas for manga.

    Inside my marble notebook I have more random manga I have made, among various other things.

    Such as character designs. This is Kaede. She is half dog, and I have about 5 pages of illustrations featuring her. I also tried starting a manga with her in it, and you can see the first page on the wall behind my desk.

    On the left, I have more random things.

    This Kud figure came with the magazine that was on the floor. I really only bought the magazine to get the Kud figure and it’s been on my desk ever since holding down some more tracing paper drawings from being blown away by my fan.

    These are the tracing paper drawings that Kud was holding down.

    Under the Kud figure, I have yet more notebooks and a stack of Kannagi cards I made.

    I made these many Kannagi cards a while ago. They’re extremely useless because the ink on them smears easily and I am scared to handle them too much so they just sit on my desk, but I do flip through them from time to time.

    Under those 2 notebooks and the Kannagi cards is a pile of random papers which contains many types of things. These papers include:

    Random full page printouts from anime, one page manga I have made…

    Some manga printouts, and more drawings I’ve made…aaaand some hentai. I almost forgot it was there. I took a picture of it, but I’m going to exclude it from the post after all xD.

    Under the hentai (XD) I have my old papers that I used to practice learning kana three years ago. It is quite a bit of paper because I would reproduce every kana I knew every night. @__@

    The note book on the very bottom is Just one of my old drawing books. I opened it here and took a picture of a random page.

    And so, that’s the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed it even though it seemed kind of boring. I just wanted to do something new. Feel free to voice any and all opinions in the comments section.

    Bonus pic! This wall of mine has many many things on it and I’m going to list them all here.

  • Posters announcing drawing contests that I used to hold between my sister, brother and I.
  • An Iced Tea Sale poster that I made for my brother when he was out selling iced tea in front of our house one day.
  • Another Ichigo Mashimaro poster that I printed out exclusively to hide a hole in the wall that I made by accident with a nail.
  • A dry-erase board that I sed to use to keep track of any anime I was watching and what episodes I was on.
  • Some pages of Japanese phrases.
  • A picture of the Taco girl from Saki.
  • A calendar I pulled out of a NewType magazine I bought a few years ago.
  • 2 paper child cutouts.
  • A giant Kannagi poster. I used to have it flipped over, displaying the Toradora side, until I saw Kannagi.
  • A random page printout for each of Hidamari Sketch, Lucky Star, and 2 from Hayate no Gotoku.
  • And finally, 24 pages of the Lucky Star manga that I printed out and taped to my wall.

And so ends my longest post ever. Thanks for reading!