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>Sora no Otoshimono Forte – First Impressions

>    First thing I want to say: The opening was amazing. A perfectly awesome parody of the opening from the first season, executed in such a great manner of technical hilarity that I almost died laughing. Watch and be amazed:

Forte Opening
Original Opening

    The episode went on, and I found it extremely satisfying. I didn’t sense any real change from last season to this season, which was very reassuring because the first season was a masterpiece. My favorite part of the episode is when Ikaros picked up the globe and started rubbing it like the watermelon she used to carry around. The evidence:

   Bottom line, I’m going to be watching for new episodes like my life depends on it. That’s how much I love this series.

>Onion’s Quest


    Well, I’ve been a bit bored lately. I never have much to do. Sure I could be translating Kirumin or drawing or learning how to fly a plane, but I’m always lazy without proper motivation. Anyway, I’ve come up with the idea to download all of the openings and endings of every anime I’ve ever seen.

   I like watching the Openings and endings of past anime because they bring a sense of nostalgia and they remind you of the characters and the story. Also, it’s always fun to force siblings to watch them. Muahaha!

   I hope I’ll be able to convert the videos to play on my PSP because portable openings and endings are always better. Well, I think I’ll get started now. And to start it off – Potemayo!!!

>Top Ten Anime Openings: 5 – 1 (Muzic)

Finally rounding down to the last five openings!

Neo Ranga Opening

Tokyo Mew Mew Opening

Kodomo No Jikan Opening

Code Geass R1 Opening1

Ladies Vs. Butlers Opening

Pick your favorite opening!!~

>Top Ten Anime Openings: 10 – 06 (Muzic)

>Here is my 10-6 Top Anime Openings

Speed Grapher noncredit Opening (complete ver)
Ergo Proxy – opening
Eureka seveN Opening 4 Textless
Xam’d: Lost Memories Opening HD
To Aru Majutsu no Index – Opening

Vote for your Favorite Opening