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>Otaku Talk – Episode 16


I’m not dead yet. Just been really busy. so without further adieu…


>1 year anniversary

>Wow it’s already been a year! On behalf of the Atv Oni Ota team I’d like to thank all of you for sticking with us for this long without you guys we wouldn’t have lasted this long. Thanks to all the people who hop in the chat and make this place lively. A special thanks to all of our writers. Here’s to another year!

Ps the reason this is so plain is because I’m on my phone, ill post something super special later!!!

>Post #306


Well we did not celebrate #300 so its better late then never. So I had an idea. I think we should buy a domain name for our blog. So that is where this post comes in. I want ideas people. Tell me what you think our domain name should be. Put it in the comments, then I will make a voting post. Once the vote is done. I will purchase the Domain name. I’m not sure when I will buy it, but I will.