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>Rainy Day: Episode 3 – First Orders

>    Ever since my vacation to Florida, I’ve been a bit out of it with drawing. I haven’t really done much. Anyway, here is the episode you’ve all been waiting for! Yes, the highly anticipated episode 3! I don’t know if or when I’ll continue this series so this may be the last episode for a while.

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    So, yeah. Even if I do continue this series I may just use chibis completely as an easy way out. But as of now, just enjoy what has been done so far. I also want to thank Saitei Oni for his great coloring jobs.

>Rainy Day: Episode 2 – Intro

>    Well, I wanted to release these on a weekly basis, but after I released the first one I got lazy and went on a two day break. But, Saitei Oni worked hard to finish the coloring and inking quickly so that we could release it now. I plan to go on a weekly schedule now. Also, I forgot to mention this last time: This 4koma is read from right to left, and in a counter-clockwise fashion.

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    So, yes. Saitei Oni and I will try and get into a pattern so that we can have a weekly release every Tuesday or Thursday perhaps. Thanks for checking out the 4koma. I look forward to reading any ideas, comments, or criticisms.

>Rainy Day: Episode 1 – Through the Window

>    Well, after working on it for a while and then failing and regaining hope, here it is. My new 4koma, “Rainy Day.” I’ve got about 20 more already planned out to follow this up, but who knows when I’ll get the motivation to do it… Please enjoy and comment!

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    Also, I’ve just realized that this is our 100th post! I’d like to thanks everyone involved in the blog for keeping it alive and allowing me to participate in the fun. Here’s to another 100 posts!