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>So What Now?

>I actually drew something today, it was the first in about a year. I gave up spectacularly about halfway through >.>  I guess I fail. I mean I didn’t even get around to making the parts I finished look not as rough. Oh well, I wouldn’t call it my finest piece anyways.  Oh yeah, and when I say the first in almost a year, I mean my first REAL drawing, I screw around drawing chibi blobs all the time but those don’t count.

Hell I even started drawing a few pages of 4koma but alas I also gave up midway. As soon as something doesn’t look right I get frustrated and say to hell with this!!

On another note, I think I am going to stop being lazy and maybe post something worthwhile one of these days. Since my lil vacation I have become somewhat lazy. This place has felt somewhat dead recently, but in reality we have already posted a bunch of stuff this month.  I guess I only feel that way because I haven’t been hanging out on here as much as before I went on my trip.

What else, what else, I must fill up more space.

Give me a subject, I shall make a 4koma out of it. Not to steal Onion’s thunder or anything, I am just a very bored person right now.

Shalala Shalala Shalala Shalalalicooooo!!!

Panda where the hell are you? I am going to have to send poachers after your ass.

Well I guess it’s about time to wrap things up. For those who are lazy here is the tl;dr version:  drawing failed, I am lazy, suggestions, 4koma yatta yatta yatta.

Oh and if you are looking for anime to watch this season I suggest:  Ookami-san, Seitokai Yakuindomo, and Seikimatsu Occult  Gakuin.


>Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – Taiga and Araragi Ripoffs?!


    I’m not making accusations, I just thought it would be fun to point out similarities.

Ryouko VS Taiga

    Prone to attack others:

    Similar faces/hair:

    Same mune size:

    Very similar indeed. Especially the part about their mune sizes.

Ryoushi VS Araragi

     Similar… everything?:

    Maybe not… Araragi has an ahoge, and his left eye is covered rather than his right. But still, the similarities are shocking!!~ Perhaps.

>Random Super Cute Time!!~


    So lately, I’ve been watching Onegai My Melody because I’ve been in need of something cute. And let me tell you, this show is full of cute. So full of cute, it hurts. I wanted to share the ending with everyone. The best and cutest part of the ending is right in the first few seconds when My Melo pops up and is seen running through the field. I cry tears of cuteness whenever I see that scene.

Onegai My Melody Ending:

    Also, I didn’t want to do this… Because of the extreme amount of cuteness… But, well, here it is.

» Clicking this may or may not lead to lolitastic results «

>Quite the Fantastic Day! :D


    Today I woke up at 9:30 thinking my first final exam of the day was at 12:00. I casually wash up and faintly remember that “maybe my exam was at 12:45.” I check what I had written in my book and and see it is at 8am…

    I start crying and rushing to the train but no one is left when i get to the classroom… So I go to where I thought my next exam was supposed to be and e-mail my professor of the first exam and beg for a chance to retake it.

    So there I am, sitting in a computer lab, waiting for a response and waiting for my second final at 4:00. Only hours later did i realize that i sent the e-mail to the wrong address, and so getting a response was pretty impossible…

    And after that, I realize that I’m at a completely wrong location for the 2nd exam, pushing me ever deeper into the doomish despair I was experiencing. I had to take a bus to the correct location and that took me like 30 minutes, but I made it in time.

    In the end, things turned out alright; I feel like I did a good job on the 2nd exam, my professor emailed me back and said that it’d be okay to retake the exam tomorrow morning, and I even caught the early train home. What a fantastic day…

>The Perfect Kind of Day


    Today was the greatest weather I’ve seen in a while. Perfect temperature (about 68F) and weather conditions for a nice relaxing anime watching session outside.

   Aah~ Theres something about the rain which makes me happy. I can’t figure it out, but I know that everything seems a lot better when it’s raining. Take watching anime for example. As soon as I heard the rain I took my laptop, went outside, and put on some Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou.

    I even have a folder dedicated to pictures that were tagged with “rain” on Konachan, and of course my laptop background is a picture of a loli in the rain. Anyways, Here’s some random pictures of the rain and my laptop. O_O