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>Onion – Top 10 Anime Characters of the Decade

>    Alright everyone, here’s my list of my favorite characters of the decade. This list is in no particular order. Ahh, that’s right. Yes, I made a list. Picking a favorite character is hard, and I just couldn’t decide. I figured it’d be much easier on my conscience if I just made a list.

   So, enjoy the list and be sure to comment! Remember, Onion is accepting of all comments, and he even tolerates people saying mean things. 😀

Louise – Zero no Tsukaima

    Louise is just Louise! She’s one of my favorite characters of all time, and really one of the only tsundere type characters I’m attracted to. Her hair is awesome, she controls amazingly powerful magic, she’s a noble, and she’s super cute. What’s not to like?

Sakurai Tomoki – Sora no Otoshimono

    Never before have I seen such a perverted man worthy of praise. Sakurai Tomoki is one of my favorite male leads ever. But not just because of his pervertedness alone. It’s the way he presents the pervertedness. Sometimes he’ll have flashbacks of conversation with his Grandfather about a valuable life lesson in pervertedness, other times he’s able to take a beating directly to the groin with a handsomely straight face on. And he still does a good job at being serious when the mood call for it. Also, his chibi form and his laugh are the most epic I’ve ever seen/heard. An all around amazing character if there ever was one.

Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

    One of the most powerful characters of the decade. He can control anyone’s thoughts and actions jsut by commanding them. That is why he’s made my list; never before has there been a character so smart with such desire to rid the world of something he hates for the sake of family.

Haruhara Haruko – Furi Kuri

    A crazy character. She’s an alien apparently, although noone can really be sure. Even though she does fly away on her Vespa at the end of the series. She’s one of the most confusing characters I’ve ever seen. Also, she’s quite appealing as well.

Sawatari Mitsuki – He is My Master

    No contest! mitsuki is my Waifu after all. That hair. That deliciously evil personality. That Maid Outfit! Those eyes! She’s been my favorite character since I’ve started watching anime, so she had to be on my list.

Furude Rika – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

    Trapped in time. Probably hundreds of years old. She’s a loli with an awesome story and a super cool green dress. Rika’s background story and her quest to escape the time loop is primarily what makes her such an appealing character to me. Not to mention that delicious square cut hair.

Nagi – Kannagi

    Another great character because of her quirky and funny attitude more than anything. She doesn’t have much of a background story, but her comedy still pushes her ranking way up for me. She’s amazingly cute and her laziness is a big turn on.

Kemeko – Kemeko DX

    One of the most psychotically, random characters in history. She commits some of the most crazy things throughout the series and she never lets things get stale.

Rebecca Miyamoto – Pani Poni Dash

    A loli genius half teacher with an attitude. Nothing more to be said. She’s too epic to describe.

Inami Mahiru – Working!!

    A favorite character of many, I’m sure. And she deserves it. Her constant shyness and her androphobia make her a very lovable character.

   Well, that’s my list! Did I leave someone out? Do I have someone in here who really doesn’t deserve it? Let me know in a comment!