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>Way to go Barnes and Noble

>So recently I have fallen somewhat behind on buying manga, I decided I had to go and buy the volumes of Spiral I am missing while I have the money.
Reason why I chose this over some of the other stuff I am behind with is for two reason: 1. I love the series more than anything else I am reading right now, and 2. I am afraid it is going to have a short print run so I want to be sure to get them all. I take a quick look at my shelf and see that I am missing 12, 13, and 14. On Monday I decided I would go ahead and get them, well my bank is already closed so I can’t go deposit money I have in hand. Well looks like buying them online is out of the option and if I procrastinate I will end up spending my money on something else >.<

Well to hell with it I’ll go down to Barnes and Noble and place an order for them (I already assumed they wouldn’t have them in stock since they didn’t last time I was there). Yeah I’ve had some problems doing this before but I can give them another shot. I get there, do a quick check to see if they have restocked the series yet, nope but they did sell a majority of the other volumes (when I went there to buy the 3rd Spice and Wolf Novel they had several copies of volume 11 and a single copy of vol 1-4 and 7-10) and now they only had volumes 1-3. But I’m getting off track x_X

Anyways I go to the desk place my order and ask how long until they will be there. She says within 4-5 business days. Ok good I figure it will most likely be here on Saturday. Well this morning (Friday) I get a call from them saying that my order has arrived. Sweet! I drive down there and she hands me a single book…. Umm there are supposed to be 3.” Oh those haven’t arrived, it says they should arrive around the 8th or so but it can take longer.” Wtf. Ok so I’m not so pissed about the fact that it may get here a little bit late (although it does irritate me a bit). What really pisses me off is that they would tell me that my order is there not “partial order”. Why not wait until everything arrives >.>  As a matter of fact, why weren’t these things shipped together?

FFS I wasted gas driving my ass there not to mention time. Hell it’s kind of irritating thinking that I have to wait until the 8th solely based on the fact that I could have put money in the bank Tuesday, it would become available to me Wednesday and then ordered through Amazon and still received my entire order before the 8th >.<

I didn’t mind giving them another shot because I like getting manga there when I can so they will keep stocking the shelves. But in all honesty I think this will be the last time I do so. Word of advice B&N; don’t be inefficient, ship my stuff together, don’t waste my time, I don’t want a morning call if you don’t have all my shit in hand, and get your shit together, I want a realistic time frame don’t tell me 4-5 days when it can mean 4-5 day or 4-?? days.

Reason the last thing irritates me so much is because like I said I had trouble with them before. I had ordered Shugo Chara 2&3 they told me the same thing but it didn’t arrive for 3 weeks and I ended up going out of state and buying it at Borders lol. I figured it was just a fluke that time, let’s see if they try to pull that shit again D: Seriously guys, come on.


PS Leave a comment telling me how much you like the fact that I don’t post stuff consisting of a single wall of text like some people do 😀


>The Truth About Kingdom Hearts.


I don’t think there is a single person around who hasn’t played or at least heard about this series. Here’s the thing though, people hold it up on way to high of a pedestal.  As a game that is full of Disney, you can’t get much better than this. Square-Enix did a phenomenal job putting this together and even being able to throw their own plot into it. 

The first game was cool, but I think the second one was much much better and felt a bit more mature (as if that makes sense with a game full of Disney characters).

Let’s dissect this though. When you pull everything about this game apart, it doesn’t feel as amazing as it did before.

Look at the story, when you actually think about it, the plot isn’t really all that. Bascially the plots are only at the beginning and towards the end of the games, with various bits thrown in here and there. A majority of the game is “Oh no, we are Disney characters and shadows are running rampant!” Every now and then you have the games own original storyline that ties it all together thrown in, and that’s where it actually shines. 
 Unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount of it going on.  I mean don’t get me wrong I am not saying this is plotless or anything, but compared to other JRPG’s, it feels lacking.

Honestly can you tell me that you were more excited to liberate the Disney worlds from shadows, than to find out how Sora was going to find Kairi and fight Organization XIII?

Listen, I am not trying to bash the game, in fact I love them, but when people come to me and say “This is a game that is a classic”, it kind of makes me sick. A classic is something that people are going to discover years down the road when the game has outdated graphics, outdated controls, on an outdated system, and they will still be  in aw. Lunar SSS, Star Ocean 2, Final Fantasy 6, sure. Kingdom Hearts? Classic? Nah, I think the word you are looking for is Nostalgic. Because when it comes down to it, all you have is a decently fun game with minimal story and hack-n-slash elements.

To be clear, I am not bashing the game. If you like it then more power to you. This is all my opinion.

>Really Microsoft?

>Let’s face it, your online experience has become less and less “superior” over the years. You don’t really offer a whole lot more than the PSN does on my PS3, yet I continue to pay for the service. I mean, when I hop on to XBL and play MW2 or whatever the hell I am playing, I don’t have a “better experience” it’s exactly the same. Basically the only thing I pay you for is for you to ban me if someone finds my gamertag offensive or my bio offensive, or if I curse during a game. Yet you have the fucking balls to be like “Oh hey there, we are going to increase the price of XBL.”

Sure it’s not really that much more, in fact an extra $10 per year is pocket change. I am not so much bitching about the fact that they are raising the price, more like the fact that they are raising the price when they offer nothing of value.

People always tell me “Well no one has a headset on PSN so its not really fun.” Really I don’t give a fuck if I can hear a bunch of pre-pubescent kids bitching and moaning when I headshot them. In fact I don’t even want those fucking brats on my Mature rated game.

“Well you’re paying for more and better content.” Ok lemme rundown the “better” content.

Last FM. Fuck that I use Pandora.

Twitter. I got a fucking phone you douches.

Facebook. Cant do half of the shit you can on normal facebook. The xbox version has about as much function as the one on my phone does.

Netflix. Got that on my PS3 and my computer, who the fuck cares.

ESPN (in the future). Who the fuck cares! They have a website.

Hulu Plus (in the future). I have to have a separate subscription for that so why would that make me happy. Who the fuck doesn’t have a laptop anyways.

I mean shit, if I could throw all that away and have my silver account play games online, I would in a heartbeat. But I can’t because MS is a greedy corporation.




Recently while on my search for DJ gear I found a site called MC Productions through American Audio’s website…. Now, we should all know Pioneer doesn’t make the cheapest anything….. In fact they are known for the high prices but very reliable stuff…. This place is selling a Pioneer setup that would go to 3-4+ GRAND EASILY FOR 799!!!! WHAT THE LIVING HELL!!!!???!?!?
Well, no suprise why no one has even made a review of the website…. Any one who looks at the setup would also just say it’s just bullshit.

The package:

New DJ Package for Just $799! Includes:

(2) 15″ Powered Speakers w/ Tripods = Depends on what they are
(2) (Technics 1200 = $560 EACH) or Pioneer (CDJ1000 = MSRP $1,775.00 EACH! THAT MEAN UNO/ONE/1)
(1) Pioneer DJM600 mixer or similar ($1100 for the Pioneer)
(1) Rane Serato SL1 = ~$540
(2) Wireless mic package Sennheiser or Shure = Not even bothering
(1) Small analog light controller = Depends
(2) Light trees = Im guessing a stand for the lights
(8) Par cans = $120 about for all of them
(2) 250w scanners = $400 about for both
(1)1500w Strobe = $180
(2) 4 channel dimmer packs = ~$240 for both
all necessary wiring, amps, and power cords = Some more cash


>Witch’s Wish Availability Rant


    Well, Witch’s Wish has been released and I still haven’t gotten it. I’ve been thinking about buying it online but halfway through I stop and think of how long it’s going to take and that I can’t wait that long. However! This is just ridiculous because Witch’s Wish clearly isn’t coming to any retail stores near me any time soon. Here, take a look at this.

Gamestop’s page for Witch’s Wish:

    Nothing too strange, right? Even an awesomely reasonable $20.00 price tag only befitting of such an awesomely modest game as this. Well, that’s not the problem! Let’s zoom in shall we?!

That’s the problem. Still can’t see it??!


    There we go. Apparently gamestop thinks it’s funny to mess with my fragile feelings like this. I guess I’ll have to resort to buying online, after all…

>The Reason I Was Late With my Top 10

> I mention that there was a reason behind it, so I figured I would tell you. Well lets start off by saying that I was flying on a small airline company called Great Lakes, they fly out of Pueblo to Denver and some other various places. Well as convenient as it was to fly through them, it wasn’t all peaches and cream so to say. So anyways I fly to Denver through them, first off they were 20 mins late and I still had to make a connecting flight. Anywhoo I hop on the plane and they take me to Denver. I have 10 mins to make it to my other gate which happens to be all the way across the DIA (Denver International Airport for those who don’t know). I land in gate A55 and have to make it to gate A24 in less than 10 mins. Now anyone who has been to DIA before knows that is no easy feat. So I get there on time (luckily) and they tell me “Oh your plane is has been switched to gate A46.”

Oh joy all the way back across the A-section of the fucking airport. So I run back there (luckily they were running a bit late themselves. I should mention they oversold the flight, so if I didn’t make it on time they would give my ticket to someone else. Well thankfully I make it and they are still boarding. Well don’t worry kids, the fun doesn’t end there.

I finally arrive in Phoenix (I actually had a good flight) , and my sister is there to greet me etc etc. I am waiting at the baggage claim, when I notice…..everyone has already come and gone off my flight. Where the fuck is my bag? I go up to the frontier airlines (who were the people in charge of the second half of my flight) desk and ask if all the bags have arrived yet. She looks it up and then goes and checks the bag carousal and comes back and says yes. So where is my bag exactly? She says “Ugh, you flew Great Lakes…. that explains it” ” They always lose luggage.” My PS2 and PS3 are in that bag among my clothes and laptop and all my chargers (phone, DS, PSP etc etc). So here I am with practically nothing, and she says my stuff should be delivered to my house within several days. You’ve gotta be shitting me.

So the night I posted my top 10 is the day I got my crap back (earlier that evening). There you have it. Fucking bullshit if you ask me…. how the hell did my back end up in Salt Lake City….

>10 Shows That Could Have Been Licensed Instead of Dance in the Vampire Bund


Ok so a while back most of you heard about Baka Test and Vampire Bund getting licensed by Funi right? Well I personally think picking up Baka Test is a brilliant idea, but I don’t feel quite the same about Dance in the Vampire Bund. I personally think that it just can’t be marketed to a crowd that will generate the numbers to produce a profit. Anyways I think that this will blow up in their face and they will take a loss. Here are 10 shows that they should have licensed instead (in no particular order)

1. K-ON season 1 –
Lets face it, love it or hate it (I personally love it) this show is popular and would sell copies like crazy, and you could generate even more money by bundling it up in an LE with a OST or something (like Haruhi).  Could milk even more off of the Bluray versions

2. Kimi Ni Todoke –
A romance show is always good, although there’s a good chance Shoujo Beat will pick it up, you should have grabbed it.

3. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai 
You have been selling season 1 decently enough to warrant getting the second, so whats the hold up?

4. Kodocha (2nd half)
Even though sells were low for the first 51 eps, this would have probably generated more money than Vampire Bund. Also the reason for low sells was the fact that you were selling discs with 4 eps on them, and they weren’t cheap. Notice how sells go up when you release a boxset instead?

5. Shakugan no Shana II
Seriously this is another show that you saved from geneon, now its time to license the next season, there are plenty of people who want it.

6. Chaos; Head
While not quite the best anime, it definitely has more potential that Vampire Bund

7. Hyakko
This seems like a show that would be right up you alley and is marketable to a wider audience. Comedy and moe generally = sales.

8. Kara no Kyoukai
A movie series that you could sell at $20-30 a pop, seems like a win-win for you

9. Minami-ke
Another comedy show that would seem like an obvious choice. People would definitely buy atleasst season 1 in a boxset….seriously >.>

10.  To aru Majutsu no Index/ Railgun
I believe that both seasons would sell. You can market it in a variety of ways (comedy, action, drama)

No this isn’t my license wishlist, I just believe that these would be far more suitable choices, maybe they tried but couldn’t get some of them. Anyways do you all agree?

And a nice lil added bonus for you all